“Nobody gets out alive”: explained ending of the Netflix movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. “Nobody gets out alive” (“No One Gets Out Alive” in its original language) is a horror film by which is based on the book of the same name written by Adam Nevill (“The Ritual”). The film directed by Santiago Menghini follows Ambar, a young Mexican who embarks on a difficult journey in search of the American dream, after spending years caring for her ailing mother.

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Ambar tries to settle in the city of Cleveland, where his uncle also lives, but he has no documents or money. After finding underemployment in a clothing factory, she rents a room in a women-only hostel. But the ruined house will not be the only scary thing about that place.

From the first night, the young woman has chilling nightmares, she hears sobs from the other tenants, strange supernatural noises that echo from the basement, even visions haunt her outside the house.


After noticing that the owners hide several secrets and having a nightmare with a woman being sacrificed, Ambar decides to leave, despite losing his savings by trusting a co-worker who promised to give him some false documents.

As his last hope, he calls his uncle Beto, but he explains that he went on a trip with his family to find a good university for his son. With no other options, the young woman returns to the pension after the tenant promised to return the money she advanced for the room.

However, as he imagined, it was nothing more than a trap by Red and his brother Becker to be offered as a sacrifice to the creature in the stone box, which apparently feeds on women and in return delivers some benefits.

Beto appears at the house and tries to save her, but Becker beats him to death. Even Red tries to help the protagonist of “However, her loyalty to her brother is stronger and allows her to be taken to the basement to be offered to the creature.

He lays her down on a stone bed and Ambar begins to relive the memory of one of her last conversations with her mother, where she comments on Ambar’s beautiful hair. At the same time

As the spider-like creature with a human head and arms emerging from its core emerges from the stone box, Ambar begins to remember his mother in the hospital. Although she insists and violently asks him to stay, the young woman screams that she does not and manages to free herself from the monster.

Once free, take a wooden stick with sharp edges and attack Red and Becker. Although the last fight Ambar manages to assassinate the two brothers: Becker with a cut on the neck and several blows to the head and Red offers him to the creature.

“Ends with Ambar limping to the front door ready to get out of that hell until her broken ankle returns to its place and a moth appears, an insect related to the creature, making her doubt her decision.

Red became another of the spirits that inhabit the house (Photo: Netflix)
Red became another of the spirits that inhabit the house (Photo: Netflix)


How did Ambar escape? Apparently the young woman’s subconscious struggled and managed to avoid being eaten by the creature. Although that would explain the hallucination she has with Beto surviving Becker’s blows and helping her escape, it is unclear what happened in the basement.

What is hidden in the stone box? Where did it come from? The only thing that is known is that Red and Becker’s father had her before and was in charge of making the sacrifices. He was assisted by his wife Mary, who also became a victim, and subsequently Becker felt that the box had chosen him and was helping him heal.

What will Ambar do with the box? By his expression at the end of “Nobody gets out alive“You may try to feed the creature from the box in exchange for benefits. Will he be able to murder other women? Does the creature control it?

Is Ambar under the creature's control? (Photo: Netflix)
Is Ambar under the creature’s control? (Photo: Netflix)

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