No Way Home is already the highest grossing film in Mexico

Spider-Man: No Way Home Not only was it a hit with critics and fans, but it has now also become the highest-grossing film in Mexican history. Previously this record belonged to Avengers: Endgame, but things took a turn with the arrival of the most recent adventure of the arachnid on the big screen.

The news was shared via Twitter by the official account Sony Pictures México, where they shared the following message:

The news is particularly surprising because the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 gained strength with the arrival of the new variant Omicron. Unlike last year, theaters in Mexico They continued with their usual activities, although of course, respecting the new health guidelines to avoid further contagion. According to an official statement, we are informed that No Way Home has collected a total of one thousand 478 million pesos at the Mexican box office thus far.

If you’re still not comfortable going out to theaters to see No Way Home, then don’t worry the movie will eventually hit streaming services and here we give you the details about it.


Publisher’s note: Despite its success at the Mexican box office, it looks like a pretty unlikely possibility for No Way Home to become the highest-grossing movie of all time in the rest of the world. The fight between Avengers: Endgame and Avatar was quite close for this position, and I don’t think the new arachnid tape can compete with them.

Via: Sony Pictures MX

No Way Home is already the highest grossing film in

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No Way Home is already the highest grossing film in Mexico