“No one will ever replace Indiana Jones.” James Mangold Denies Rumors About ‘Indiana Jones 5’

We haven’t even seen the first trailer yet. ‘Indiana Jones 5’but the new adventure of the archaeologist played by Harrison Ford is already generating controversy; something that was to be expected if we take into account the drift of recent times, that it is one of those projects destined to “ruin childhoods” and that the presence of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the film he has started to raise the occasional blisters before his time, who knows why.

neither pass nor pass

But today we are not going to talk about this, but about the rumor about an alleged test projection —what in English is known as test screening— that the people of LucasFilm would have been a frog. According to the YouTuber OverlordDVDin Disney are quite upset after the disastrous results obtained in the surveys after the show, and that they have ordered to film reshoots to fix what he does not hesitate to call “atrocity”.

The source of Overlord DVD is none other than what he calls “my hollywood spies”and according to account, “the film has not been saved with the reshoots”leaving Disney “in a panic because it’s so bad that they don’t know what to do to fix it”. Finally, he affirms that at Disney they have used “six different endings” without obtaining positive results with any of themand that Waller-Bridge “ends up putting his hat on everyone”.

By boat soon, everything sounds a bit like Miami confirmed it, but we are not going to pay attention to my spider-sense, but to the director of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ himself. James Mangold has denied all this through your account Twitter with a clear and concise message: “Nope. There hasn’t been any screening at all”.

Of course, we’re talking about Twitter, and one user was quick to point out that the filmmaker was wrong —insert facepalm— and that Waller-Bridge would inherit the whip from good old Indy, to which Mangold responded in a more direct manner.

“Well, Paulo, it’s your decision who to believe, an anonymous troll called ‘basement dweller’ or ‘doomcock’ or the director of the film. No one will ever replace Indiana Jones. In any script. In any cut. Never has been raised”.

There is still more than half a year left for ‘Indiana Jones 5’ to hit our theaters on June 30, 2023so, a priori, and while we wait for the usual bombardment of promotional material in these cases, we will have to be patient and while we wish the best possible farewell to Doctor Jones.

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“No one will ever replace Indiana Jones.” James Mangold Denies Rumors About ‘Indiana Jones 5’