“No hard drugs or superhero movies.” Timothée Chalamet reveals his advice to succeed in Hollywood

The popularity of Timothée Chalamet does not stop going to more since he caught the attention of the world with ‘Call Me By Your Name’, although previously we had already been able to see him in ‘Interstellar’. Pending the premiere of ‘Dune’ in the United States and immersed in the preparation of ‘Wonka’, the actor has chatted with the magazine Time on the state of his career, confessing some of the secrets of its success.

Chalamet, whom we will also see shortly in ‘The French Chronicle’, confess that it is “a mixture of luck and good advice early in my career“, highlighting a specific moment as decisive for what would come next:

One of my heroes, and I can’t say who or would kick my ass, grabbed my arm the first night we met and gave me some advice: “No hard drugs or superhero movies.”

And the truth is that Chalamet has not yet participated in any superhero movie. We will see if it is one of the few actors who leaves out the most popular genre today and that it shows no signs of exhaustion in terms of public interest.

In fact, Chalamet Denies the concept of movie star, coming to compare it with death: “You’re just an actor“Also, it has a somewhat complicated relationship with fame, since”On my worst days, I feel tension trying to figure it out, but on my best days, I feel like I’m growing just like I should“.

The controversy of Armie Hammer

Call Me By Name

On what he wanted to pronounce in detail is on the accusations received by Armie Hammer, his co-star in ‘Call Me By Your Name’, but he does leave the door open to do so in the near future:

I understand why you ask me about that, but it is a question that deserves a longer conversation and I do not want to give you a partial answer.

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