Nicolas Cage lied to make a name for himself in Hollywood

Nicolas Cage is one of the most recognized actors of the 90’s. He is recognized for his role in the film “Leaving Las Vegas” / “Goodbye to Vegas“, for which he received an Oscar What Better Actor in 1995 and for the dozens of films he has made in all kinds of genres; However, his career could end sooner, if not for a couple of lies that he told at the beginning of his entry into the professional world.

The first of them has to do with his age, because although he had already appeared in the television movie “The Best of Times”, His film debut and the true beginning of his career did not occur until he auditioned for a role in the film. “Student Babydolls“, in 1982.

Despite the fact that the story takes place in a secondary school where there are several minors, the principal Amy Heckerling I wanted everyone involved to be at least 18 years old, as there were several racy situations on the set. In order not to be taken out of the project, Nicolas He said he met the requirement, although they did not give him the role.

Although he did not get the protagonistDespite the 10 auditions he presented for the character, the actor was summoned to participate as one of the friends of the star of the film.

In the long run this secret of the Hollywood actor came to light. PHOTO: Special

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The other secret in the actor’s career

During the making of this film, the actor was treated badly by his companions on set, who believed that he had obtained the role because he was the nephew of an acclaimed director in the film industry of USA.

The blood relationship he had with the director Francis Ford Coppola caused the other cast members to feel upset by the alleged preference of the young man Nicolas.

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In the end, in order not to have to go through this again and to be recognized for his own ability, he decided to withdraw this surname and be called in the professionals Nicolas Cage.

Without this obstacle, it was easier for the actor to star in films like “Teaching Arizona“, “Moon spell” and “Counteract“, the latter next to”An angel in love“films for which he is still recognized and remembered.

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