Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix starred in one of the darkest movies 22 years ago and you have to see it

Throughout the history of cinema, films have been released that at the time were difficult to see the first, as was the case with 8 MM, that despite having the well-known face of Nicolas Cage and a young man Joaquin Phoenix, many people did not bear some of the violent scenes; However, with the passage of time it became a cult film, which you can enjoy in Clear Video, platform to which you have free access if you have the service of Telmex O Telcel.

The term “snuff videos” began to be known in the late 1970s, which made reference to shorts in which murders, torture and all kinds of real crimes were seen. This issue was addressed by the director Joel Schumacher and the scriptwriter Andrew Kevin Walker in the film 8 MM, which is why some people found the plot quite dark.

What is it about?

Tom Welles (Nicolas cage) is a private detective who keeps himself busy solving simple and irrelevant cases. But, suddenly, his life changes radically when, during the investigation of a case in which he has been hired by a millionaire widow, who finds a video in the safe of her recently deceased husband.

Reviewing the tape, Welles realizes that it is a “snuff videos”, in which a young woman is seen being tortured. The widow asks him to find the young woman seen in the video at all costs. He finds the mother of the girl in the video, who tells him that her daughter was kidnapped years ago and has searched for her ever since. In the end, he ends up asking Tom to also help him find the whereabouts of his loved one, to find some peace, no matter if the outcome is the worst.

The clues lead Welles to Hollywood, where with the help of Max California (Joaquin Phoenix), an employee of an adult video store, both will enter the world of clandestine and illegal fetish pornography. They will try to find out if the “snuff videos” are really real and if there is someone connected to the movie they were given, although that could cost more than life.

8 MM can be considered a success, since its budget was 40 million dollars, but managed to collect at the box office more than $ 96 millionThis despite the fact that it had some complications for its exhibition due to the strong scenes of violence that it has.

On the other hand, critics were a bit harsh with their opinions, considering that the film was very violent and lacked a script, while others considered it an excellent film for its plot and the way in which it approached the subject of the “videos snuff“.

The film has scenes that were very “crude” for the public in 1999. Photo: Special

The screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker assured that 8 MM suffered the same problem as Se7en: the seven deadly sins (Seven) in 1995 —a script that he also wrote—, which was a misunderstood film, but with the passage of time it became a cult and even one of the favorites for its dark themes.

On the other hand, the director Joel Schumacher confirmed that he had to cut some of the scenes, because he had received the threat that the film would receive the X classification, so it could not be shown in theaters, but thanks to his cut he obtained the R. While the feature film was nominated for him Berlin Golden Bear Award at Berlin International Film Festival from 1999.

More than 22 years after its premiere, 8 MM continues to be a benchmark for cinema, so it is recommended to see and enjoy your subscription to Clear Video.