New image from Uncharted: The Movie shows Nathan Drake and Sully without a mustache!

Uncharted will pave the way for PlayStation Studios adaptations, though not in the short term for God of War.

Uncharted: The Movie

There is less and less for the premiere of Uncharted: The Movie, the first great adaptation of many that Sony Pictures prepares on the IP of PlayStation Studios, and although we have not yet had a trailer, we have shared the odd image of the production, now including a snapshot in which we see Tom Holland (Nathan Drake) share plane with Mark Wahlberg (Victor Sullivan).

More Sony adaptations in the works, but not one of God of WarThe image has already generated a quick response on social networks, who wonders what happened to the mustache of the best friend and mentor of the protagonist of Uncharted. In fact, the American actor showed a perfect mustache for the role last fall, when it took place recording the footage from the tape, a fact that generated the odd praise to see a characterization closer to his character.

Possibly everything has its explanation in the film, with an expected release date, if there are no more delays in the billboards of the major Hollywood studios, for February 11. Uncharted: The Movie also includes Antonio Banderas, and is directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Venom, etc.).

More PlayStation adaptations

As The New York Times recalls in a report where this image has been shared, there are several ongoing projects that have PlayStation as the protagonist. The best known and imminent is The Last of Us for HBO, a series adaptation of the story of Joel, Ellie and company that confirmed his cast a few months ago. There’s also another series on Twisted Metal in the works, as well as a Ghost of Tsushima movie, without it having transpired when they could leave new news.

Who does not seem that it will give the step to the small or big screen in the short term is God of War. The Santa Monica action saga is not among Sony Pictures’ plans, a Sony Pictures spokesperson told NYT.

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