New film presents the suffering of Marilyn Monroe due to abortion

The new movie “Blonde” (“Blonde”), a fictional story about the life of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, presents dramatic scenes about her suffering due to the abortions she underwent.

The film, starring Ana de Armas and broadcast through the Netflix streaming platform, is a film version of the homonymous novel written by Joyce Carol Oates.

In one of the scenes there is a dialogue between the actress, whose real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, and the baby she was carrying.

You won’t hurt me this time, will you? You won’t do what you did last time”, says the baby, to which Monroe replies “I didn’t mean to do it”.

At another point, seeing herself applauded and successful, Marilyn Monroe whispers to herself “for this you killed your baby.”

The film has caused deep rejection in the abortion industry.

In a statement sent to the American magazine Variety, Caren Spruch, national director of engagement with the arts and entertainment of the multinational abortion Planned Parenthood, said that “it’s a shame the creators of ‘Blonde’ chose to contribute to anti-abortion propaganda and stigmatize people’s health care decisions.”

Planned Parenthood has been accused in the United States of trafficking in organs and tissues from babies aborted at its facilities.

“Abortion is a trauma”

The American pro-life platform Students for Life pointed out through its social networks that in the abortion industry “they are angry because the truth of abortion is being shown to the public.”

“While Monroe is rumored to have had multiple abortions in her lifetime, only two were included in the film, both of which were coerced,” Students for Life said.

In the film, he said, “Marilyn is shown being drugged and taken to the hospital, running away from the operating table and daydreaming about saving her baby.”

Planned Parenthood and Hollywood Fashion Can’t Stand to See Any Negative Representation of Abortion in mainstream media, especially the coercion, angst, and trauma that Blonde shows Monroe experiencing.”

The American pro-life platform stressed that “the pain and regret that women feel after abortion is 100% real”.

“Of the women who have had abortions, 64% were pressured by others to have an abortion and 67% felt attached to their baby before the abortion,” he added.

Abortion is a trauma and, for once, a commercial film captures it”, he concluded.

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New film presents the suffering of Marilyn Monroe due to abortion