Netflix’s must-see premieres in September

The ninth month of the year brings to the streaming platform some of its most intense premieres from the production point of view and also emotionally. Proof of this is ‘Surviving is the challenge: mission on the mountain’, with Bear Grylls; like ‘Schumacher’, a shocking documentary about the life of the famous Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher.

Precisely, this production is one of those that is generating great interest, since it is about the pilot seven times champion of that racing sport and who is considered a legend. The production follows his life, his first competitions and his consecration as the largest of the tracks in the world.

In addition, the dramatic episode of his ski accident (2013) for which he almost died and that now has him in a rehabilitation process.

From the context: This is how Schumacher’s health goes, seven years after his accident

‘Schumacher’ had the support of the 52-year-old’s family, Corinna together with his children Gina-Maria and Mick, who offer their testimonies in the documentary film, which It will premiere on September 15 on Netflix.

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Other productions worth seeing

The Money Heist
The fifth part of the famous Spanish action series returns with more adrenaline, violence and the end of an on-screen journey that made it one of the most successful Netflix Spanish productions in the world.

In this first cycle, the red band and Dalí’s mask are going through their worst moment. Locked up in the Bank of Spain they do not have a solid escape plan, their leader has been captured and an enemy appears very powerful to complicate the situation. Premieres September 3.

Beyond the party
Cassie lives a wild life, but when she dies unexpectedly she understands that she has to fix everything she left in the world to get to heaven. That is the plot of this romantic comedy, starring Victoria Justice and that will be released September 2.

Winter Bay (Vinterviken)
A romantic drama in which the cultural and socioeconomic barriers that affect Elizabeth and Jhon-John’s relationship are analyzed. This film, set in Stockholm, will be available from September 8th.

Winter Bay, a love story with Magnus Krepper and Marika Lagercrantz.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali
A documentary about the connection between the political leader and the sports star. The feature film is inspired by the book ‘Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X’, written by Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith.

The production delves into the cultural and ideological impact on American society of both protagonists. You can see the September 9.

The sixth and final season of the famous series of a demon who comes to Earth to become a kind of investigator and fight against the forces of evil, even though he is the master of hell, arrives.

Tom Ellis, protagonist of 'Lucifer'

The Welsh actor gets into the shoes of Satan, who wants to redeem himself and becomes a detective with extraordinary powers.


Courtesy Universal Channel

Tom Ellis returns to the most famous role of his career in this production loaded with comedy, action and a paranormal touch, which became one of the phenomena of Netflix. It can be seen from the September, 10th.

Survival is the challenge: mission on the mountain
Bear Grylls is back with another exciting interactive movie for the whole family. After suffering a plane crash in some icy mountains, Bear loses his memory. At the mercy of the elements and the harsh winter, he has no choice but to fight for his life and that of the pilot. Premieres the September 14.

Sex Education
Premiere of the third season from the series, in which he follows the life of Otis-who has sex from time to time-; Eric and Adam’s partner, as well as Jean, who is pregnant. It can be seen from the September, 17th.

‘Sex Education’

‘Sex Education’ stars Asa Butterfield (right), Ncuti Gatwa (left) and Emma Mackey.

Dear White People
Volume 4 of the comedy is set in the near future without a pandemic, following the conflicts and experiences of Amanda White, an African-American student during her university cycle. Comes the September 22

Midnight mass
A horror miniseries created by Mike Flanagan (‘The Curse of Hill House’). It tells how the appearance of a new priest in an island community generates a revolution among its inhabitants. Added to inexplicable phenomena that many consider miraculous. Premieres the 24th September.

We were songs
Maca (played by María Valverde) is 30 years old, clumsy by nature, enjoys life in sips and tries in many ways to understand what it means to be happy.

She works with a tyrannical fashion influencer and hangs out with some men without becoming emotionally engaged, until an old love reappears. This is the plot of this Spanish romantic comedy that September 29 arrives.