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Brie larson Y Amber heard They have become a pair of well-known actresses in the entertainment industry. Each have made their way among the top studios in Hollywood and have made sense of several notable movies and series in between. Now, new information maintains that Netflix could be considering them for a new tape on its platform. Without a doubt, it would be a highly commented job on social media. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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The common point that unites Larson already Heard It is his participation in the superhero cinema. They have both taken very powerful roles in different movies, the first being a star in Captain Marvel – 60%, and the second as co-star of Aquaman – 73%, Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. Although they have had difficult times with the respective fandoms due to some controversial events, the two remain solid faces in Hollywood and it seems that the red streaming giant is considering them for a larger project.

In accordance with Daniel richtman, the Twitter and Patreon influencer who knows all the secrets and news of the film industry in the United States long before they come to light, Netflix would already be working on a film that will seek to sign Brie larson already Amber heard; He did not comment on other important details such as the plot or others involved in the production. At the moment it must be considered as a rumor.

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It is worth wondering if the public would like to see Larson already Heard reunited in a single film. Although both have a fan base that supports them and follows their every footsteps on social media, they also have quite a few detractors. Recall that the Remove Amber Heard from request Aquaman 2 (Eliminate Amber Heard from Aquaman 2) has almost 2 million signatures and continues to advance; The actress earned the rejection of many Internet users due to the trial she held with Johnny depp in the Royal Courts of London in 2020, generating controversy and not a few insults in their official profiles.

But Brie larson it is not far behind either. Long before Captain Marvel It was released in theaters in 2019, the actress had infuriated audiences due to certain comments that pointed to white men. In February of that year he declared for Marie Claire: “A year ago, I started paying attention to my press days and critics reviewing movies and I know they were mostly white men […]. I decided that in the future I wanted my press days to be more inclusive. ” In addition, there were few fans of Marvel Studios who complained of “forced inclusion” in Captain Marvel; It didn’t make sense to them that a superhero was so powerful from the start (Thor?)

Amber heard will return to the superhero cinema with Aquaman 2. The actress is already preparing for the summer recordings and on social networks she has shared some previews of her training to regain the necessary agility that the character requires. For its part, Brie larson will return as Carol Danvers in The marvels, a film that is already being planned by the studio and that could hit theaters by the end of 2022; This adventure will include not only Captain Marvel, but also Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan; Marvel Studios intends to launch new superheroes on the market and they will surely be a success.

Aquaman 2 opens in theaters on December 16, 2022. Will it be as successful as its predecessor? The presence of Amber heard in the cast could generate new controversy for Warner Bros.

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