Netflix will remove this film with Mark Wahlberg from its catalog; you still have a few days to see it

You have until September 30 to see “Blood Sweat and glory”, better known as “Pain & Gain“in its original language. Netflix will withdraw from its catalog this piece starring Mark Wahlberg (“Ted”), Dwayne Johnson (“Rampage”) y Anthony Mackie (“The Falcon and Winter Soldier”) from the first minute of October.

The tape directed by Michael Bay separates by much of its works in “Armageddon” O “Transforms“because the main plot is based on a real life case, which limits the number of explosions or sequences with non-fixed frames that can be made.

This film was released in 2013, cost 26 million dollars and grossed at least 86,200 million dollars at the box office, making it a production well valued by the studios of Line Pictures y Platinum Dunes, who were in charge of developing it.

While more people were involved in the original case, the director the license is taken to melt the personalities of the aggressors to show them in the peculiar protagonists who carry this story that took place in the 90s.

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What is this movie?

The film narrates the kidnapping that occurred at the hands of a trio of men addicted to exercise against a Jewish businessman whose coach was one of the hefty men. Although the malechores go through a planning meticulous for his attack, everything comes out of the bread.

The intention of these subjects it is to make the businessman give up his properties and then release him and enjoy the profits. However, anything that could go wrong gets out of hand and leads to these muscular to have to improvise to get out of the problem.

This production stands out for its accelerated pace and hectic which is accompanied by a deep psychology of the characters and in addition to concepts about increasing muscle mass, reducing fat and everything that has to do with life in gyms.

The black humor that is addressed in this work stands out from that of others for evidencing the ridiculous of the plan and how convinced these men are to carry it out. In addition to this, take advantage of the nonsense of the protagonists to build a series of values ​​that change between each of them.

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It is one of his best roles in the cinema.

Daniel Lugo, interpreted by Mark, He is a gym instructor who attends motivational talks and has the sole intention of getting rich by taking advantage of all the opportunities that fate gives him, even if they are not legal.

Although Wahlberg He had participated in various films, with this film he began to consolidate himself in black humor films, which was complemented by his participation in “Ted” the next year.

“The Rock” is part of the tape.

The man is accompanied by Paul Doyle, another employee of the gym where Lugo works and who is not very bright. Decides to enter the blow for the addiction that develops to drugs, despite being recovered.

After “The scorpion king“, Johnson he began to delve into tapes where he could add more than just muscle. “Blood, sweat and glory” can be marked as one of those responsible for the actor being seen as one of the most emblematic figures in today’s cinema.

The actor is an important part of the film.

Adrian Doorbal, who embodies Anthony, he is a man who abuses steroids to the point that you cannot develop libido or erections, which ruins your sex life.

This role was one of those that made Marvel notice him and give him a secondary role next to the Captain America and then give him his own series.

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