Netflix: Where was the Alba series filmed?


The series starring Elena Rivera adapts the Turkish novel entitled What is Fatmagül’s fault? Find out how it became the trending Spanish series on the streaming platform.

Alba, the Spanish series that triumphs today on Netflix.
© IMDbAlba, the Spanish series that triumphs today on Netflix.

Every week, a new production manages to steal the attention of the subscribers of Netflix. This week, the turn was Sunrisethe Spanish miniseries starring Elena Rivera, Eric Masip and Alvaro Rico, which was presented as a drama as emotional as it is raw. Although the trap is catchy enough to remain among the trends since its arrival on the platform, the truth is that a good part of the audience wonders where were the scenes recorded that make up this striking fiction.

After passing through Atresplayer Premium and Antena 3, the series that originally premiered in March 2021 came to Netflix to make its way among users in Spain and Latin America. With 13 episodes lasting approximately 50 minutes, the story created by Carlos Martín and Ignasi Rubio was launched as a new adaptation of Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?the Turkish soap opera known in Spanish under the title of What is Fatmagül’s fault?

Sunrise takes its name from that of its protagonist: Alba Llorens. She is about a young woman who one night is part of a party but the next day she discovers that everything was much darker than she remembers. It is that she, although she is not very clear about what really happened, she wakes up on a beach with signs of having been raped. The conflict appears when she understands that the aggressors are nothing more than the great friends of her boyfriend.

Beyond the story itself and the captivating characters, it is undeniable that much of the protagonism is taken by the locations in which the different chapters were shot. Where exactly are these beaches? What area do the towns that appear in Alba really correspond to? Was it filmed in Spain? These are just some of the questions that kept fans waiting for an answer. And here we have it!

The truth is Sunrise was shot in the Valencian Community, showing landscapes that are located in the east of the Iberian Peninsula. On this occasion, the Boomerang TV and Atresmedia Televisión production opted for Alteaa municipality in the province of Alicante which is located in the region of the Marina Baja. In this sense, places such as the capital Villajoyosa, the municipality of Finestrat, Bol Nou beach and the Serra Gelada Natural Park were chosen for the series that triumphs on Netflix.

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Netflix: Where was the Alba series filmed?