Netflix: This is your last chance to see this disturbing MOVIE leaving on the first day of AUGUST

Netflix is ​​constantly looking for new content for all users around the world, and in Mexico it is not disappointing, so each month it renews its content, but much of it that it keeps for years within the page decides to change it for rating reasons or merely for audiovisual contracts and acquisitions.

During the month of July, the platform withdrew productions such as ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Sugar Rush’ (2/7), ‘The Perfect Picture: Ten Years Later’ (2/7), ‘Cristina’ (3/7) , ‘Shopkins: World Vacation’ (4/7) and ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ (10/7), and also for the first day of August various series and movies will say goodbye such as “Call me by your name” , “Prisoner of Space”, “Un plus une”, “2 States”, “The Twin Towers” ​​and Star Trek: Into the Dark.

What is “The Blind Christ” about?

But now a title that will be withdrawn on August 1 of this year has also attracted attention; This is the film “El Cristo blind”, which was nominated for the Golden Lion award and presented in the Official Selection of the 2016 Venice International Film Festival.

“The Blind Christ” is a Chilean film from 2016 which was produced with Ciné-Sud Promotion in France; It was made under the direction of Christopher Murray and starred by Michael Silva, Bastián Inostroza, Ana María Henríquez and Mauricio Pinto.

This drama film with a duration of 85 minutes follows the story of Michael, who is a young 30-year-old mechanic, and who is convinced that he has experienced a divine revelation in the desert and that as a result of this situation he now has powers. .

an intense movie

However, in his town no one believes him and they even consider him crazy; but his life changes the day he finds out that one of his childhood friends had an accident, so he decides to go look for him to heal him with one of his miracles.

During his barefoot pilgrimage to the desert again, he will meet hit men, drug addicts, abandoned women, and homeless people who admire him and see him as a being capable of alleviating any sad and complicated reality.

Next we show you the trailer for this movie that it was filmed in Pampa del Tamarugal, a region located in the north of Chile and that managed to receive ovations for the performance of Michael Silva:

“The Blind Christ” is on Netflix. PHOTO: Special


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Netflix: This is your last chance to see this disturbing MOVIE leaving on the first day of AUGUST