Netflix: This is the MOST WATCHED adrenaline-filled movie today; it will make you reflect on the injustice in Mexico

New options for viewing are emerging more often contents and have entertainment via streaming; this mainly since the pandemic by Covid-19 arrived in Mexico on February 28, 2020.

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand at the level global, this mainly because it bets on the best releases within the cinematographic world, from the most anticipated with a view to consolidating as hits, to the favorite classics of the seventh art.

The streaming content proposal on Netflix

Other services offer products similar to Netflix, such is the case of platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or Paramount +; Nevertheless, the giant with the red logo continues in the list of the most viewed.

And precisely a movie has recently been placed among the most viewed within the top 10 most successful reproductions on Netflix Mexico, and it is nothing more and nothing less than “Man on Fire.”

This is one of the most watched movies on Netflix Mexico. Photo: Special

What is “Man on Fire” about

This movie has been consolidated as one of the most viewed in the Netflix catalog, this because in this production there is a balance between drama, action, and strong emotions.

This is the film “Man on Fire”, which is directed by Tony Scott, who too is the director of the famous movie “Game of spies”.

“Man on Fire” follows the story of a former CIA agent, called John Creasy, who after visiting an old friend, will see the course of his life change to forever, this after they offer him a job that is impossible to refuse.

Your friend offers to work as a personal caretaker for a wealthy and powerful Mexican family that will pay you enough to get out of your debts.

This after Creasy he has lost interest in life and has become an alcoholic; however, you agree to take this job without knowing that it will change your planes, and that is how he becomes the bodyguard of the Ramos family, which is at the top of the social scale, because it has great wealth and lives in the Mexico City.

And precisely the Mexican capital has become a place of high danger for rich, this due to its high crime rate and kidnappings.

Unexpectedly, the agent is required to take care of the small daughter of the Mexican family Ramos, and it is about Pita, an intelligent and kind girl who in a strange way manages to make friends with the rude and cold ex agent of the CIA, to such a degree that their relationship may be considered as father and daughter.

This especially because the little Pita she is always alone and her parents don’t pay much attention to her; However, John will see a family in her, so he is willing to do everything for Pita, especially after a unexpected coup orchestrated by professional criminals decides to kidnap the girl, this under the gaze of the authorities themselves, who are related to the kidnapping

Despite the fact that the law is against him, John will do everything possible to save the girl’s life, this regardless of whether even he puts his own at risk. life.

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