Netflix: This is the MOST VIEWED inspiring movie in Mexico today and it will make you overflow with strong emotions | TRAILER

Since people have spent long stays at home after the pandemic, users in search of entertainment have wondered what they can see in the giant of streaming, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of movies from various thematic and genres.

In this sense, the giant with the red logo has established itself as a factory of successes and it does not stop showing it, as this streaming series and movies site continues to nurture its Catalogue.

A tape that you should not miss on Netflix

In this sense, the titles offered Netflix undoubtedly they have changed the way of consuming series and movies, and in this sense, the success has been so much that even this platform has achieved to revive productions that went unnoticed after being released in cinema or in TV.

This is precisely the case of the film that you will see below. we recommend, which has positioned itself within the top of the more viewsIt is worth remembering that for several months, the platform has updated its movie recommendation service and this is done through a presentation daily of the top 10 of the most watched movies, series and productions in general in each region, and in this case, the film “Alfa” has positioned itself as the most watched emotional film in Mexico.

What is “Alfa” about

This tape has been resurrected by the platform Netflix, after being released in 2018, is now positioned as one of the most requested in several countries within the red logo platform.

This film stood out because it features a moving and inspiring history suitable for all members of the family, and in this sense many people have described it as one of the top adventure movies within the playlists of the giant of streaming.

This tape tells the story of curfew, plays Who (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee), a young man who is willing to give it all and overcome any adversity to return home after being separated from his tribe during a buffalo hunt.

However, seeing himself desolate and separated from his own, the young man decides to embark on a journey in the last ice age, and despite the challenges and complications that the road has for him, the truth is that his life will be hopeful after the young man generates a transforming bond with a wolf that crosses his path, and precisely this four-legged friend will be responsible for changing the history of the humanity.

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