Netflix: This is the MOST VIEWED action movie in Mexico today; it will make you reflect on revenge and resentment

New options for viewing are emerging more often contents and have entertainment via streaming; This mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Mexico on February 28, 2020.

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand worldwide, mainly because it bets on the best releases within the cinematographic world, from the most anticipated with a view to consolidating as hits, to the favorite classics of the seventh art.

The streaming content proposal on Netflix

Other services offer products similar to NetflixSuch is the case of platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or Paramount +; however, the giant with the red logo continues on the list of the most viewed.

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It is worth remembering that company emerged since 1997, although it only offered a DVD rental service through the mail, and it was until 2008 that it began to offer service by streaming.

And precisely under this panorama in which Netflix It is a platform that bets on content of all kinds, now an action film has established itself as the most viewed on the platform in Mexico today, and it is “El justiciero 2”.

What is “El justiciero 2” about?

The vigilante is an adaptation cinematic from the 1980s television series of the same name, so people who had a chance to see it felt a certain nostalgia when seeing its version in cinema.

Both the critics and the public gave positive opinions, since they considered that the combination between director Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington it worked again, to the degree that moments implausible become credible, exciting and even admirable that in difficult moments someone shows empathy for others.

“Justice 2” has established itself as the first sequel starring the iconic Denzel Washington, and follows the story of a lonely, mature man who reads the same book every night in a Boston cafe. Massachusetts.

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This with the aim of to complete the list of “100 books to read”, this as a way to remember the habit of his wife, now deceased, to whom before dying he made a promise to leave his old life, since he is a former CIA agent.

However, seeing that a teenage prostitute is tortured by her pimp outside the cafe, he decides to return to the charge and use his skills as a former agent, this with the aim of become in the vigilante that the world believes it needs, even if that means putting his life at risk.

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