Netflix: This is the MOST disturbing movie, ideal to see this August 22; it will make you value life

Netflix has established itself as the platform for streaming that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the American company tends to work to get the best productions.

This has been one of the main tasks of Netflix especially since the crisis came sanitary, same that generated the prolonged confinement of people in their homes, with what the consumption content has increased considerably.

Netflix the productions it proposes

Let us remember that since the arrival of the health crisis to Mexico last 28 of February 2020 with the first contagion, people have requested more entertainment from home, so, more frequently options to find movies arise, series, documentaries and short films via streaming.

Despite the competition, platforms such as Netflix have remained one of the favorite by users looking for something to see and break off Of the routine.

That is why the company that began to provide service streaming to the United States since 2008, now it is committed to having the best entertainment in its ranks of reproduction, and the next movie is one of his great proposals.

A tape that will make you value life

It is about “The Mystery of Block Island”, a film that will enter on a beautiful island that, just as it has natural beauties, also houses various secrets that will change the lives of its inhabitants, since this small demarcation in the middle of the sea, located in Rhode Island, it will change forever.

And precisely here lives a couple who, despite having a environment almost desert, because very few people live on the island, they will see their lives transform little by little after one day Audri, a single mother played by the actress, returns to the island Michaela McManus, who begins to study the terms of the sea that surround the islandThis is due to the fact that all kinds of dead marine creatures have been appearing for several months.

It is precisely at this moment that the chaos in the film begins to develop, as the marine biologist will meet again with her family who never left the island, including her brother, who is very affected by the death from his wife and has a severe addiction to alcohol.

The problem of flora and fauna in the lives of the inhabitants you will not be the only obstacle to survive, but are themselves at risk under “The Mystery of Block Island.”