Netflix: This is the BEST adrenaline action movie for this September 12, and you have to see it!

Searching for original content for entertain indoors has become one of the priorities for many people since the arrival of the health crisis in Mexico.

Under this panorama, users wonder what they can see in the giant of streaming, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of movies of various themes and genres.

Netflix and its streaming content offering

Since the Covid was formed in Wuhan, China, and people locked themselves in their homes, different options have emerged that offer quality and entertainment in terms of productions audiovisual refers.

Such is the case of platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus or Paramount +; Nevertheless, Netflix continues in the list of the most viewed, as it is worth remembering that the company emerged since 1997, although it offered only a rental service DVD through the postal mail, and it was until 2008 that started offering streaming service.

That is why below we present the recommendation an ideal movie to see this Sunday on Netflix, and it is the tape “Escape Plan.”

What is “Escape Plan” about

This is the film “Escape Plan”, a successful action movie U.S that in addition to having a story that will unleash strong emotions in the viewer, It also has a cast of stars, as this film stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, two of the actors of the action guild who have established themselves as players in the mecca of cinema.

And precisely under this panorama, this film has received critics of the specialized press, which assure that it is a production suitable to see in family, as they assure it has a balanced dose of action.

“Escape Plan” follows the story of Ray Breslin, an expert in prison security who will imminently see one of the greatest challenges in his life arrive: escape from the prison that he himself has designed.

And although it seems strange, the objective is to verify if this maximum security jail really is approved by any escape, so he will try to escape to check it.

However, his plans will take an unexpected turn after he meets the enigmatic in this prison George, a guy who has earned the I respect of all inmates for being the only one capable of keeping them sane in the darkest hours, this because the jail is not simply a place where they are prisoners of their Liberty, but it is also a place where the mind can spin thousands of times until it drives people crazy. inmates.

And without anyone knowing it, the designer of this prison will find himself in need of ally with George, this with the aim of revenge for a conspiracy that has been victim inside the prison.

Here we present the trailer for “Escape Plan”, a film that undoubtedly will shudder your emotions and will bring out your escape instincts.

Article: Soure