Netflix: This is the BEST action movie to watch this August 25; it will make you reflect on insecurity

Due to the current health crisis due to COVID-19, millions of people have modified your lifestyle, and this concerns isolation domiciliary, so since the arrival of the pandemic, people spend greater amounts of time in home.

In this sense, the platforms digital and streaming in Mexico have consolidated as the best allies to face confinement and home protection.

Content proposals on Netflix

And under this panorama where the demand of users who browse looking for productions to see with loved ones, new options have emerged that offer entertainment and they even have a better subscription price.

Despite the competition, Netflix remains on the list of platforms more views in Mexico, as it is worth remembering that the company began in 1997, although it only offered a DVD rental service through the mail, and it was until 2008 that it began to offer service by streaming.

A movie that you should not miss

This film takes place in the near future in which more and more means natural resources are becoming extinct, and in this sense, the scarcity of Water Drinking water has generated a crisis, since the one that remains is contaminated, so that in the face of such a complex panorama, a humanitarian catastrophe occurs and the world whole is engulfed in chaos.

Civilization and society as the we know gradually begins to disappear and only some have access to the vital fluid to survive.

It is precisely here when the hard turn of the history, because the plot follows a man who, after get in touch with a group of unknown endanger your entire family, as the levels of insecurity and violence are at the highest in a world in which all people fight for to get drinking water.

This film released in 2016 brings together comedy, action, and drama, in addition to being a post-apocalyptic film that aims to explore what would be the effects of a world in which no one has access to Water, so that humanity and the few survivors are increasingly exposed to the tough living conditions and the crime that this brings.

This tape of Ali Mustafa, director of “From A to B” and “City of Life”, now shows that people do not seek to steal for money, but for water and are willing to do anything to get it.