Netflix: This film based on REAL FACTS will make you value life; cost 60 MILLION dollars

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Since 2019, the number of people seeking entertainment without leaving home has increased, this due to the fact that the health crisis forced people to remain confined in their homes.

In this sense, Netflix has established itself as the platform for streaming what more content original currently produces, and in this sense, the company usually works to achieve the productions with the highest demand.

His projects range from films, series, short films and documentaries; These are not only American content, also from various parts of the world, from the productions most recent to classics.

A millionaire investment platform

Under this panorama lockdown for users, Netflix It has been consolidated for several years as one of the most widely consumed platforms globally.

This is in large part because the distinguished red logo platform bets on the best productions and the most featured stories, regardless of the gender of the movie or the cost.

A must-see movie on Netflix

As expected, this implies more and more money for the realization of content audiovisual, so it is known that Netflix does not skimp on expenses and these amounts they ascend to several million dollars, either to create your own content with your production company, or to acquire the rights of certain films.

This is the case of the film “Sully: feat on the Hudson”, it is a film biographical American drama drama directed and co-produced by Clint Eastwood, and written by Todd Komarnicki.

And it is precisely his story real the one that has conquered audiences within Netflix, It is about US Airways flight 1549 and the history of the pilot of that aircraft, Chesley Sullenberger, alias “Sully”.

The true story of Captain “Sully”, played by Tom Hanks, a pilot that you must make a crucial decision while flew on the Hudson River, at its mouth in the city of New York On January 15, 2009, however, his decision will not be easy at all, since his life or that of 155 passengers, the crew, and possible victims In mainland.