Netflix: these are the codes to watch Korean movies and series

The They have become more popular in recent years around the world. Before the great reception, has included many of these productions in its catalog so that its users can enjoy them.

It is because of them that, for all those who wish to navigate more easily, a great option is to resort to Netflix codes. With these numbers it is possible directly enter each of the Korean productions.

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The code must be added after the URL, as follows:

Here are the codes that you must enter in Netflix:

New Release Codes:

81473182: Love is like the chachacha

80990381: Moving to heaven

81435649: Even so

81403973: It’s mine

81365087: Vincenzo

81413647: Law School

81280917: The hunter

81397558: The myth of sisyphus

81443941: Badminton boys

81354739: Such a beautiful love

Trend codes:

81267632: Strangers from hell

81205849: Hotel del luna

81243992: It is good not to be good

81159258: Emergency landing to your heart

81166978: Bring it on, ghost

81167101: Save me

81205775: Touch your heart

81045349: Love is a separate chapter

81267743: The wife i know

81040344: The Squid Game

81008021: Hello my love

81026700: My first true love

81260283: The king

81276344: Dodosolsollalasol

80200575: Alice in borderland

80990668: Extracurricular

70213130: Boys over flowers

81033650: Heirs

Codes to watch Korean movies:

81165326: The frequency of love

81342504: Night in paradise

81413901: Sweet and sour

80226357: Tha chase

80223050: Forgotten

81266458: Hunting time

81342505: The phone

81026705: High society

81094067: Space sweepers

80226234: Steel rain

80226424: Psychokinesis

80236133: The orug king

80158750: Lucid dream

80158577: Pandora

81221938: Parasites

70059029: The host

81397897: The melody of your heart

81240831: #VIVO

81015498: Burning

81312457: Kingdom

80117824: Zombie station

81295067: Zombie station 2

81307048: goodam (E)


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Netflix: these are the codes to watch Korean movies and series