Netflix: The successful premiere movie that will bring you a SEA of tears; What would you do if you lose the love of your life?

It is increasingly common to see that more options arise to see contents and have streaming entertainment; however, despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand at an international level, mainly because it is committed to various releases of cinema, from the most recent to the classics.

Let’s remember that since the arrival of Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and now paramount plusthe streaming giant is now looking for ways to stand out from the competition.

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Netflix’s proposals in response to the demand of its users

And precisely under this panorama in which the quarantine has represented greater competition, is that now Netflix invests more and more in its movies, series and shorts.

It is worth remembering that in said platform there is a wide diversity of content, from the most intense to the most moving, however, the platform has recently accentuated its interest in productions related to feelings and heart.

It is under this scenario that has recently caused fury on the platform based in Los Gatos, California, a premiere film in Netflix which is based on a successful novel and makes most users who watch it cry.

The movie that will make you go into a sea of ​​tears

It is a tape Recently It was released on the streaming platform, which came to satisfy lovers of romantic dramas and heartbreaking movies.

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It is under this scenario that he arrived at the platform of streaming the tape “Between life and death”, which is also known for its title in English “The In Between”.

This tape will break your heart. Photo: Netflix Press

It is a production American directed by Arie Posin and starring the successful actress of the “Kissing Booth” Joey King, in addition to the fact that Kyle Allen appears in it.

This film has attracted attention because at the moment is within the list of the 10 most watched titles in Mexico, specifically find in the number 1 spot.

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The film follows the story of a Teen that, after losing the love of his life in a tragic accidentthe disconsolate young woman will begin to believe that he sends her signs from beyond.

However, it is from this moment that the greatest confrontation to the duel in his life will begin, and thus will begin a shocking and touching story that mixes drama and romance with science fiction.

It is worth noting that this film is based on the novel juvenile published in 2022 The In-Between, a novel written by Marc Klein that was a complete success and was published in Spanish under the title what’s left of us.



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Netflix: The successful premiere movie that will bring you a SEA of tears; What would you do if you lose the love of your life?