Netflix: The movie to cry before Christmas and remember your greatest love; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico

From the past December of 2019 that started the Covid-19 pandemic, Netflix has established itself as the most requested streaming platform, since since the crisis sanitary arrived, people have increased the time they spend watching movies and series.

It is under this panorama that Netflix has positioned itself as one of the Business that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform he usually works to get the best productions.

In this sense, the titles that Netflix offers without a doubt have changed the way consume series and films, In this sense, the success has been so much that even this platform has managed to revive productions that went unnoticed after being released in film or on television.

Original content within the streaming giant

Under this panorama, Netflix has established itself as one of the platforms with the highest demand by users globally, this thanks to the fact that it is committed to constantly renewing its productions and making content made by its own production company.

In addition, the streaming platform has focused on betting on seasonal productions, That is why it constantly monitors what the interests of users are by times, and now, in December times, the company based in Los Gatos, California now bet on productions related to the Christmas.

In short, it has launched productions which also bets on touching the sensitive fibers of its users, and this is precisely the case of the film that we recommend below, which combines the Christmas with a strong feeling: love.

A movie on Netflix you must see before Christmas

According to the critics specialized, This is one of the films that has attracted attention because it combines various genres, including romance and drama, as it is a production that will make you spill strong emotions.

It is about the movie “A Christmas in California: City Lights”, and it is the sequel to “A Christmas in California”, and has positioned in the number three place of the films most viewed in Mexico, Well, let’s remember that for several months, Netflix has been counting the top 10 most played productions in each country.

What is the movie about

In this sequel, he refocuses on the relationship of Callie and Joseph, who are now in a new stage of their lives, now more mature.

Although they seem to be a solid and stable couple, the truth is that now one of their problems It is the instability they live after not being able to stay in the rancho.

It is under this panorama that difficulties begin to arise in his life, so a sudden trip to the big city of San Francisco will uncover a series of more serious complications and consequently new ones will arrive challenges that will test your love.

“A year after their romance began, Callie and Joseph left the ranch to tend to family matters in San Francisco. Wedding bells ring… ”, you can read in the official Netflix synopsis, however, there is still the question of whether that wedding will be between them or will one of them meet an old love?

Here we present the official trailer of this film that is considered one of the best to see in these times and why not, also cry.


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Netflix: The movie to cry before Christmas and remember your greatest love; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico