Netflix: The movie that will make you cry due to its CRUEL plot based on a true story | TRAILER

Netflix is ​​the platform for streaming that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform usually works to achieve the best productions, this especially since the health crisis arrived, which caused the prolonged confinement of people in their homes, with which content consumption has increased considerably.

His projects range from movies, series, short films and documentaries; These are not only American content, but also from various parts of the world, from the most recent productions to the classics.

Millionaire productions on Netflix

Under this landscape of confinement for users, Netflix has positioned itself for several years as one of the platforms with the highest demand for global level, this thanks to the fact that it bets on the best productions and the most outstanding stories, regardless of the genre of the film.

As might be expected, this implies more and more money for the production of audiovisual content, so it is known that Netflix does not skimp on expenses and these amounts amount to several millions of dollars.

This is one of the rawest tapes on the platform. Photo: Special

The crudest movie on Netflix

According to the specialized critics, this is one of the crudest and most difficult films to watch. due to the context that it portrays, which is taken from a story that happened in life real, in which dozens of people died.

It’s about the tape Carandiru, a film that portrays a story that shocked an entire country, and that marked a before and after in Brazilian society due to its sinister history.

What is the movie about

This is a fiction that portrays what happened in Carandiru, one of the centers penitentiaries maximum security in the Brazilian capital of São Paulo.

As in most prisons in the world, in this penitentiary center the inmates They had a deplorable life, but one day a doctor arrives who will change things, this after he makes them see their poor health conditions, and little by little a series of events will be unleashed that will unleash the fury of all the prisoners, who soon will form an elite group to kidnap the jail in which they fulfilled their convictions.

It is under this complex panorama that inmates establish their own codes and norms; Due to the use of bloodthirsty methods, the police end up breaking into the center, and between an immense power struggle between police and prisoners, one of the largest massacres ever occurred in Brazil.

Here we present the trailer of this painful film for a nation like Brazil, where dozens of people died and thousands of others lost their loved ones dear.


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Netflix: The movie that will make you cry due to its CRUEL plot based on a true story | TRAILER