Netflix: The movie that will make you cry and cherish life; based on a REAL FACTS novel by Stephen King

Netflix se ha consolidated as the streaming platform that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform usually works to to get the best productions.

This especially since the health crisis arrived after the arrival of the coronavirus itself that caused the prolonged confinement of people in their homes, with which content consumption has increased considerably.

Netflix bets

It is worth remembering that the company started in 1997, although it only offered a DVD rental service through the mail, and it was until 2008 that it began to offer service for streaming.

The Projects of the American company range from movies, series, short films and documentaries; These are not just American content, also from various parts of the world, from the most recent productions until the classics, such is the case of the film that we recommend below.

A tape you must watch on Netflix

This film has established itself as one of the iconic films housed within the platform Netflix, this because it is a movie classical in the history of cinema.

It is about “Dream of escape”, a film premiered in 1994 and is directed by Frank Darabont, a director who has been in charge of transmitting to audiovisual the stories of one of the most popular writers successful in the story: Stephen King.

And it is precisely under this panorama that “Sueño de fuga” arises, a film by the director that too he triumphed with the film “Unexpected Miracles”, starring Tom Hans.

This tape contains an outstanding life message. Photo: Special

“Dream of escape” is a film that transcended due to its shocking plot, plus it stars actor Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.

The story of “Dream of escape” tells the life of Andrew Dufresne, a banker who has a daily routine; Yet his life takes a 360 degree turn later that he is sent to prison and wrongly accused after his wife and his lover.

Due to their adventure love affairs, Andrew ends up in jail guilty of murder, but this crime that he did not commit nor is he even tried a few years after prison, If not, the banker is sentenced to life imprisonment for what they send him to jail for the worst punished criminals, and it is prison Shawshank.

And it is precisely in this maximum security enclosure where the people inside are destined to die in chain perpetual, that Andrew will meet Red, a prisoner who can achieve almost anything and despite his fame he is a good person with whom Andrew will form an unbreakable friendship despite the fact that both are destined for death within the prison facility.

This tape has been converted in one of the masterpieces of cinema, and according to specialized critics, it is one of the best films based on novels.

The film revolves around the years that Andrew He spends his life in prison and how he is adapting, at the same time that he learns to see the positive in life despite the fact that he is surrounded by corruption and despair of other inmates.

In “Dream of escape” the hope in the establishment never dies due to the fruits that the friendship between Andrew and Red will give, same that will make them value life from a new point of view. perspective.


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Netflix: The movie that will make you cry and cherish life; based on a REAL FACTS novel by Stephen King