Netflix: The MOST WATCHED adrenaline-filled movie in Mexico TODAY; will make you reflect on revenge

New options to watch content and have entertainment via streaming come to light more frequently; This mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Mexico on February 28, 2020.

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand worldwide, mainly because it bets on the best releases inside the world film, from the most recent premieres to the classics of the seventh art.

In recent weeks, people often wonder more about new trends or topics of interest, such as certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix.

What to watch on Netflix

In this sense, people wonder what they can see in the giant of streaming, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of movies of various themes and genders.

Also, it is important to remember that the giant of streaming, brings new productions that include series, films and documentaries to satisfy young and old alike.

In this month of September, various audiovisual productions join the platform, which are part of the premieres for children and adults.

Top 10 Netflix tapes

For this reason, we have created a selection of a tape to watch this weekend or this Friday night, accompanied by your loved ones; this tape will fill you with strong emotions.

Also, Netflix has generated a selection of films and series daily, where they position the most viewed productions in Mexico; There are currently in the top 10 of Mexican films and americans, which have become the favorites of users.

This is the tape “Kate”, which has positioned itself at the top 10 of the film productions most viewed in Mexico today; It is a film full of adrenaline and action to see this start of week.

What is “Kate” about?

“Kate” is an American action film, which was directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and written by Umair Aleem, which had its premiere on September 10, 2021 on the streaming platform, Netflix, and that only 3 days after arriving , managed to position itself in the number one place of the top 10.

This production was starring by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Miku Martineau, Woody Harrelson, Michiel Huisman and Tadanobu Asano, in addition to participating in the list de Miyavi, Kazuya Tanabe, y Jun Kunimura.

“Kate” follows the story of a ruthless criminal who, after being poisoned, has 24 hours to take revenge on those who hurt her, where during this process, she forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her previous victims, which will generate an unexpected and explosive course within this history.

About the production

This production was bought by Netflix in 2017, specifically the screenplay of Umair Aleem; was produced por David Leitch, Kelly McCormick, Bryan Unkeless y Scott Morgan.

After that, in 2018, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan was hired to direct the film, and it was until 2019 that Mary Elizabeth Winstead was chosen to be the main actress of said story currently housed in the platform.

It should be noted that in this production it was announced that the rock group Band-Maid, would appear in the love, at the same time that Michiel Huisman, Tadanobu Asano and Jun Kunimura joined the distribution.

Here the trailer of the tape

The filming of the movie “Kate” began on September 16, 2019 and ended on November 29, 2019; filming took place in Thailand, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Here we present the trailer of said production cinematic hosted by the streaming giant, Netflix, and that you can now enjoy with your loved ones; will make you reflect on revenge and the love:

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