Netflix: The most INQUIRING movie to watch this September 18; it will make you reflect on family vacations

More frequently, new options for viewing content and having entertainment via streaming; This mainly since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Mexico on February 28, 2020.

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with more demand globally, this mainly because it is committed to the best releases within the cinematographic world, from the most recent premieres to the classics of the seventh art.

In recent weeks, people tend to wonder more about new trends or topics of interest, such as certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix.

What to watch on Netflix

In this sense, people wonder what they can watch on the streaming giant, Netflix, where they can find a wide variety of movies from various themes and genres.

Also, it is important to remember that the giant of streaming, brings to its platform new productions that include series, films and documentaries in order to satisfy children and big.

In this month of September, various productions audiovisual join the platform, which are part of the premieres for children and adults.

A chilling tape

For this reason, we have created a selection of a tape to watch this weekend or this Friday night, accompanied by your loved ones; this tape will fill you with strong emotions.

It’s about the film “We” or “Us” In English, it is an American production, within the genre of suspense and terror, which had a premiere in 2019 and is now hosted by the streaming giant, Netflix.

This production was written, produced and directed by Jordan Peele, and starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker; on the other hand, Jason Blum served as producer of said film, through his company Blumhouse Productions.

What is “We” about?

Us, is a film set in 1986, where everything takes place after an advertisement for Hand Across America, an initiative which sought to get people to shake hands forming a human chain from San Francisco to New York, with the aim of raising funds against social problems in USA.

This is how they show us the life of Adelaide Thomas, a little girl who lives with her parents Rainy and Russell Thomas, with whom she lives at various times.

At the beginning of the story they show us little Adelaida in an amusement park in Santa Cruz, California; While sucking mother goes to the bathroom, her father is playing in one of the attractions, so the girl takes the opportunity to move away to the beach seeing a man with a sign that announces Jeremiah 11:11, referring to the Bible.

It will make you tremble with fear

After that, the little girl decides to enter the attraction “Merlin’s Forest, Find Your Self”, where an abrupt blackout occurs, and where Adelaida finds a version of herself staring at her; soon this evil shadow rushes towards her and grabs her by the neck.

Immediately we can see the parents of the little girl from the air arguing in a psychiatric consultation, where the mother informs the doctor that her daughter is unable to speak.

After showing us Adelaida’s childhood, she returns to the present where she is already an adult and lives with her gay husband Wilson, as well as with her two sons Sora and Jason, who decide to go out. holidays to the summer house in Santa Cruz, United States.

A mysterious story

Later her husband convinces her to go to the beach where 30 years ago she entered said attraction where she found herself, where upon reaching the town they are detained by an ambulance that is transporting a corpse, thus turning out to be the man who carried the poster of Jeremiah 11:11, who is now a old man.

This is how in this story it begins to become more complicated and dark, since these coincidences of life begin to disturb the protagonist of the love.

Adelaida reaches her limit after deciding to approach the attraction “Merlin’s Forest, Find Your Self”, where this time he sees a man from behind, who is open arms and blood dripping from his fingers; After such a disturbing scene, Adelaida realizes that her son is not here and decides to go to look for it.

Here we show you the trailer of said production housed in the giant of streaming, which will cause you great terror.

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