Netflix: The MOST emotional movie for this September 19; It will make you value what you have and is based on REAL FACTS

For more than a year, the coronavirus pandemic reached Mexico, and since then, people are more interested in find entertainment without leaving home.

It is under this panorama that, with greater frequency, The people are they ask what can you see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where you can find a great variety of films of various themes and genders.

Netflix and the movies it offers to its users

Since Covid-19 arrived and persons locked in their homes, new platforms have been born and others have been fed with better content with the aim of monopolizing the market via streaming, such is the case Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus o Paramount+; Nevertheless, Netflix continues in the list of the most viewed.

A must-see movie on the streaming giant

For this reason, we have prepared a film that is housed within the platform with a red logo, Netflix, where various content is constantly uploaded regarding genders Of whom.

And precisely in this sense, this new film is conquering the platform, and it is a production With an inspiring theme and also based on a true story, ideal to see this Sunday, it is “As different as me”.

“As Different as Me” is an emotional movie. Photo: Special

What is “As different as me” about

This is a tape that has broken the schemes audience since its premiere on Netflix, this because it has a balance between drama and motivation that have captivated the spectators.

It is about the movie “As different as me”, which is written and directed by Michael Carney, same that follows the story of Ron Hall, who despite It seems Having it all in life feels incomplete

He is a father of a family who has in his power a prosperous business, a beautiful and intelligent wife, two wonderful children and a desirable financial stability, the truth is that he does not know find in the fullness that his life captures, this because he feels frustrated because his success does not compare with that of several of his friends.

In short, these little ideas greatness that Ron has are affecting his marriage, in addition to that his wife seems to be immersed in monotony.

It is precisely for this reason that the couple decides to turn the course of their life and commit to help in a mission that will change their perspective forever, this because they put a challenge in common, keep a hospice home functional.

Even though Ron shows reluctant at the beginning and does not want to help the people who need it most, the truth is that little by little begin to become more involved in his wife’s mission and eventually befriends Denver, a man who in his youth fled the countryside attacked by the members del KKK.

It is precisely after this hard last, and after being forced to live bad experiences by racism, that currently Denver is a vagabond who is sometimes violent and everyone is afraid of him; Nevertheless, Debbie She is convinced that Denver has a noble soul, so she insists on knowing more about him and listening to him, something that will change the lives of all the members of this history.

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