Netflix: The Ideal Movie About Overcoming Traumas In Life; based on REAL FACTS

Netflix has established itself as the platform of streaming that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform usually works to get the best productions.

It is worth mentioning that the bets of this platform have increased since the health crisis arrived, same that caused an extensive confinement of people in their homes, with which the consumption of content has increased considerably.

Productions on Netflix

The projects in the famous platform of streeaming they range from movies, series, short films and documentaries; These are not just American content, but also from various parts of the world, from the most recent even the classics.

And precisely the movie that we recommend then it has consolidated as a classic within the film industry, this especially within the war genre and in turn of spirituality.

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The red logo streming giant does what it takes to buy the right of certain films that he considers essential within his Catalogue, so now it has a new movie that will flood of suspense and strong emotions.

It is the tape “The Unbreakable: Road to Redemption”, a tape that is housed hidden within the playlists of the acclaimed platform who began to impart content via streaming since 2008.

This is a film that addresses how to overcome a life trauma. Photo: Special

A tape that you should not miss on Netflix

According to the critics specialized, This is a film that fuses various genres of cinema, among which drama and emotion stand out, this because it is a production based on a history of the real life.

This film follows the story of Zamperini, a young athlete who has dreams about sports, however, one day he is recruited as soldier of the Second World War.

After going through painful traumatic processes and feeling that your life is ruined, one day he returns home to California after having been in battle, and this is when he will realize that his hell was not only on the battlefield, but that on his return he did not have a good time either.

This is because he returns home and has a reunion with his wife, Cynthia Applewhite, who in the past did you marry reluctantly While I was fighting the disorder post-traumatic.

Due to the traumas in their lives, they will go through a painful process of confrontation, this going through constant nightmares, anger and depression, so both will have to take elections to forgive their past traumas and find a path that will lead them back to tranquility in the life.

Here we present the trailer of happiness production that has attracted attention due to its rawness based on a real life story:


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Netflix: The Ideal Movie About Overcoming Traumas In Life; based on REAL FACTS