Netflix surpassed Amazon Prime Video and Disney + in the United States according to Nielsen

2021 will culminate leaving Netflix as the most popular streaming service in the world, a recognition that allows its contents to achieve a greater impact compared to its more direct competitors. It is clear that their strength is in the series, but they also had a growth in terms of their films and a new Top 10 makes it clear.

This audience meter is responsible for publishing the official figures of American viewers who also used Netflix platforms, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu TV and Apple TV +. We must emphasize that the following numbers arrive almost a month late, since these companies do not usually reveal their real figures, for different reasons.

+ Netflix is ​​a success in the United States according to Nielsen

According to the latest report from Nielsen, the most watched by viewers in the United States between the week of November 22-28 was the film Red alert, with 954 million minutes played. This action-comedy film stars Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, a trio of stars who caught the attention of subscribers to remain at the top of the rankings.

In second place we find other content on the platform: the series True Story, with 943 million minutes viewed. This drama starring comedian Kevin Hart, in a new role of this style as in Paternity, surprised with a story that portrays the consequences of life and death that it leaves on a comedian after a night with his brother that threatens to destroy what has been built.

Disney + ranks third with what was the first episode of Hawkeye, series of Marvel Cinematic Universe, with 853 million minutes. The rest of the Top 10 is completed with: Cocomelon (797 M), NCIS (666 M), The Wheel of Time (663 M), Wound (645 M), Cowboy Bebop (629 M), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (613 M) y Jungle Cruise (611 M).

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Netflix surpassed Amazon Prime Video and Disney + in the United States according to Nielsen