Netflix reveals release date of “Merlina”, assures surprise

Recently the famous platform of Netflix confirmed the date of premiere of the long-awaited Merlina series and secured a surprise at the iconic TUDUM event, something that no doubt has everyone looking forward to it.

As you may remember, merlin will be starring Jenna Ortega and finally has a release date.

The truth is that there are many series with which the famous Netflix platform managed to surprise its fans and one of them is Merlina.

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The strip is starring Jenna Ortega and is based on the character of the Crazy Addams.

After so many years this character returns to the small screen, however, now in series format and being the exclusive protagonist of the story.

Since in this fiction it will be possible to know more about what was of his life and some other mysteries that will happen in it.

Merlina is a supernatural mystery story that chronicles Merlina Addams’ years as a student at the nevermore academywhere he tries to master his newfound psychic ability, stop a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the murder mystery that engulfed his parents 25 years ago.

All this while navigating his new and very tangled friendships in Nevermore, a story that will undoubtedly catch you.

Undoubtedly, with Merlina, shocking and important details about the history of the Addams family will be revealed. In addition, Jenna Ortega confessed for Netflix:

Merlina is a teenager, and we have never seen her like this. Her sarcastic and snide comments don’t sound so charming when they come from someone she probably knows better than a ten-year-old girl.”

Also, I add that in this series, there is Merlina in all the scenes, since she has the opportunity to show more dimensions and become a little more real person, something that we have never seen.

These words and official synopsis of the series have left fans of the story with much expectation.

That is why several wanted to know the release date, which has just been confirmed by the same people in charge of Netflix.

It should be noted that TUDUM is the great Netflix event for fans where release dates, trailers, renewals and more surprises will be known.

Among them there will be one of this production, although at the moment it is unknown what it is about, but, if there is something that is certain, it is that it has already moved the fans who are waiting for the strip.

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Netflix reveals release date of “Merlina”, assures surprise