Netflix premieres May 2022: all the upcoming series and movies

Netflix prepares a May full of premieres of Argentine productions, series, films and documentaries for all audiences. An agenda with the main titles that will arrive on the platform, among which the final season of The Marginly the first part of the fourth season of stranger things.


The Marginal: Season 5 (4/5/2022)

In the final season, Miguel seeks redemption behind bars, Diosito faces the outside world, and a cult could be the undoing of Puente Viejo.

The photographer and the postman: The crime of Cabezas (5/19/2022)

A documentary about the murder of photojournalist José Luis Cabezas that shook Argentina and revealed a network of political and financial corruption.

Are You The One?: The Perfect Match – Season 6 (5/1/2022)

Twenty-two romantics arrive in New Orleans, where finding the perfect match and winning a million-dollar prize won’t be easy.

The Circle: USA – Season 4 (5/4/2022 – 5/25/2022 weekly episodes)

This season’s players are talkative, shady and secretly famous. And you already know: anything goes when it comes to winning!

Blood Sisters (5/5/2022)

Bound by a secret, friends Sarah and Kemi are forced to go on the run after Sarah’s boyfriend goes missing during their engagement party.

The Pentavirate (5/5/2022)

A secret society that has influenced global events for centuries faces a threat from within. Can a journalist help her and save the world?

Welcome to Eden (5/6/2022)

A group of young people attend an exclusive party on a remote island. But what awaits them there is far from paradisiacal.

The Sound of Magic (5/6/2022)

A magician living in an abandoned amusement park makes a disenchanted teenage girl’s problems disappear from life and gives her hope.

Workin’ Moms: Season 6 (5/10/2022)

Balance between work and personal life?! What’s that? Kate, Anne, Jenny, Sloane and Val deal with big problems at the office and at home.

42 days in the dark (5/11/2022)

Amid a media storm and police investigation, a woman leads the search for her missing sister. Inspired by a real case.

The Lincoln Lawyer (5/13/2022)

In this series based on the bestselling novels by Michael Connelly, an iconoclastic idealist practices law from the backseat of his Lincoln.

Love, Death & Robots (5/20/2022)

Strange worlds and violent delights are just part of this Emmy-winning animated anthology for adults from Tim Miller and David Fincher.

Bling Empire (5/13/2022)

New loves, new friendships and new dramas are part of the dazzling social life of this group of Asian millionaires from Los Angeles.

New Heights (5/13/2022)

When he inherits his late father’s troubled farm, business consultant Michi Wyss must grapple with his rural past and his family’s future.

Who Killed Sara?: Season 3 (5/18/2022)

In the final season, enemies become allies and Alex gets an answer to the question that has haunted him for years: what happened to Sara?

Love on the Spectrum: USA (5/18/2022)

In this heartwarming documentary series, a group of people on the autism spectrum search for love and navigate the world of dating and relationships.

Entrevías (5/20/2022)

A war veteran, annoyed with the thugs and drug dealers invading his neighborhood, sets out to reform his wayward teenage granddaughter.

Somebody Feed Phil (5/25/2022)

In this new season, Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Raymond”, travels the world to appreciate the culture and gastronomy of each place.

Insiders (5/19/2022 -5/26/2022)

Ten new candidates apply to participate in a reality show, but they don’t know that the cameras are already rolling. Start the fun in 3, 2, 1…

Stranger Things: Season 4 (5/27/2022)

Darkness returns to Hawkins just in time for spring break, with a fresh dose of terror, disturbing memories and the threat of war.


21: Blackjack (5/1/2022)

A group of brilliant students trained to count cards arrive in Las Vegas with a mission: take the casinos by surprise and win millions.

I swear it wasn’t me (5/1/2022)

In Cancun, a married musician gets involved with a beautiful Spanish woman, who is being chased by a couple of thieves who want her valuable diamond.

Crossing the Line (5/2/2022)

A devoted social worker tries to help a mother in need when her abusive husband involves the entire family in a dangerous criminal scheme.

Marmaduke (5/6/2022)

The mischievous Marmaduke has a big heart, but he always gets into trouble. Will he be able to shine in the glitzy world of dog shows?

Incompatible 2 (6/5/2022)

Ten years later, two incompatible police officers meet to investigate a murder in a French town that hides a great conspiracy.

Jackass 4.5 (5/20/2022)

These daring, never-before-seen images reveal how the insane exploits of one installment in the “Jackass” franchise were filmed.

Forties (4/5/2022)

Upon learning a bitter truth, a chef joins his best friend in a culinary competition in Cancun to bring spice back to his life.

The Weapon of Deception (5/11/2022)

Two British intelligence officers devise a plan to fool the Nazis and change the course of World War II. Based on a true story.

The year of my graduation (5/13/2022)

A failed stunt put him in a coma for 20 years. At 37, she has just woken up and is ready to live her dream: to be prom queen.

Village Servant 2 (5/16/2022)

The president and former prime minister are trying to stabilize the economy and put a stop to the oligarchs who want to pull the strings from behind.

The Perfect Family (5/18/2022)

At first, Lucía is taken aback by the eclectic family of her son’s girlfriend. Neither she can imagine the impact that she will have on her formal life.

Dangerous Instinct (5/18/2022)

To investigate the mystery behind his brother’s death, a paroled man moves to an island where he must confront his dark past.

A perfect pairing (5/19/2022)

To win over an important client, a wine executive works at a sheep farm, where she crosses paths with a rough local.

Fuck love… again (5/20/2022)

Love triangles and doubts test relationships: Lisa faces a difficult decision, Jack experiences a crisis, and Bo questions her marriage.

Have a nice trip (5/23/2022)

A former army captain travels to Dalyan to stop the woman his friend loves from marrying someone else, but the trauma of war mars his journey.

A voice against power (5/24/2022)

A small farmer confronts a huge agribusiness corporation that accuses him of using their patented seeds.

The Larva Island Pendant (5/25/2022)

An evil and mischievous cat catches Yellow, and Red speeds (and blasts) out to rescue him.

The Battle of Kamdesh (5/29/2022)

A small group of US soldiers on a remote base in Afghanistan must defend themselves against a brutal Taliban attack.

Documentaries and specials

Nuclear accident (4/5/2022)

People in the know recount the events, controversies, and impact of the accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania.

Baby animals (5/5/2022)

Follow the adventures of lions, elephants, penguins, baby pangolins and other critters as they explore the ups and downs of wildlife.

Our father (5/11/2022)

After taking a DNA test, a woman uncovers a shocking ruse involving a popular fertility doctor.

Cyberhell: The investigation that uncovered the horror (5/18/2022)

In a network of anonymous chat rooms, sexual crimes were frequent. The hunt to catch their operators required guts and tenacity.

The G Word According to Adam Conover (5/19/2022)

Whether we like it or not, the government plays a huge role in our lives. Adam Conover explores his triumphs, his failures, and how we might change him.

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Netflix premieres May 2022: all the upcoming series and movies