Netflix: Premieres for today Friday, September 10, 2021

You better prepare your good supply of popcorn, because today we will let you know all the premieres from Netflix for this Friday, September 10, so keep reading so you don’t miss any news.

The famous platform Netflix has for its millions of subscribers the perfect premieres from this Friday.

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Movies, series and anime, you can find among the news on the Netflix platform for this Friday, September 10.

There is no doubt that fans of the platform will have a long weekend to enjoy the new releases.

So without further ado, here are the Netflix premieres for this second Friday in September:


Lucifer: Season 6 (SERIES)

Lucifer got the promotion, but are you looking forward to the job? Also, Chloe prepares to leave investigative work, Amenadiel joins the police, and more.

Fans have reached out to her to tell her that “Lucifer” made them want to become cops or that the relationship between “Chloe” and the devil helped them overcome their marital problems.


Kate (MOVIE)

In Tokyo, a ruthless female has been poisoned before her last mission. You now have less than 24 hours to find out who did it and collect v3nganza.



A relaxing family vacation turns terrifying when its members’ doubles show up at their oceanfront home.


Dog loves (MOVIE)

A car t3rr1ble acc1d3nt3 links three different stories with something in common: love, loss and dogs.


Yowamushi Pedal (ANIME)

By joining the school’s cycling club, Sakamichi Onoda discovers that, with effort and the support of his peers, he can become a true competitor.


Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road (ANIME)

The extraordinary Sakamichi and his team continue to strive in the championship in the face of a new challenge: to beat the Hakone Academy team.

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