Netflix Movies: Today’s Releases August 25, 2021

Netflix It does not stop giving surprises to its subscribers, and it shows it with the series and movies that it has ready for this Wednesday. Next we will tell you what it is that comes to Netflix this August 25.

Estrenos Netflix

  • “Clickbait” (SERIE)
    • In this suspense series, eight different points of view provide promising clues to the perpetrator of a brutal crime. powered by social media.

  • “Motel remodels” (SERIES)
    • Two budding hoteliers are looking to expand their empire with the renovation of an old motel in Ontario … just as the COVID-19 pandemic hits.
  • “The ancient ways” (FILM)
    • A journalist goes to her homeland in Veracruz after the story of a tribal culture, but is kidnapped by locals convinced that she is possessed by a demon.

  • “Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayals and Greed” (DOCUMENTARY)
    • The never-before-seen story behind the prolific landscape illustrator and host of The Pleasure of Painting with Bob Ross.
  • “Type Type: Season 2” (CHILDREN’S SERIES)
    • Titipo the train goes out to show that he knows how to help his friends from Villa Tren to drive safely and reliably on the roads.
  • “Tayo the Little Bus: Temporada 4” (SERIE INFANTIL)
    • Day after day, Tayo and his friends learn their routes through the busy city, discover new places and have exciting adventures.

  • “Pororo, the little penguin: Season 4” (CHILDREN’S SERIES)
    • Pororo and the others befriend a talking car, Eddy invents a mind-reading device, Crong grows too big… and more!

More Netflix premieres

If there was not enough content, you can still check the list of what has arrived on Netflix in the first weeks of August; You can also schedule the latest releases that will arrive on the platform.


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