Netflix movies to watch before the end of 2021

The end of the year brings with it countless counts about almost any area of ​​life. The best pictures. The moments of the year. The personalities of the year and, of course, also the films of the year. In this list of Netflix movies you will find those that stood out above others within the platform.

Through the years, Netflix evolved from a service offering content from other production companies to presenting their own movies and series. Although this topic could take a whole text apart, it is summarized in that the war of streaming It led to several of these production companies developing their own spaces and the offer began to shrink. On the other hand, internet and accessibility through, the demand continued to increase.

In this context, with services such as Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, Netflix continues to stand out with its own productions that attract the attention of critics. Some of them are: The power of the dog, It was the hand of God Y Malcom & Marie. They are not the only ones. Here we share the rest of the list with the best Netflix movies during 2021 that you should see right now.

Highlights of Netflix movies in 2021

Several of Netflix’s productions during 2021 have received rave reviews. It is no longer just that they stand out within the platform’s productions lineup, but also that they have a resonance that escapes them. Some of those movies are as follows.

The power of the dog, a must from Netflix movies

It is a dramatic western, written and directed by Jane Campion. There are many voices that mention the possibility that the director and her protagonist, Benedict Cumberbatch, may be among the Oscar nominees of this year. The power of the dog It is based on the homonymous novel written by Thomas Savage.

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Netflix movies to watch before the end of 2021