Netflix: Movies That Tackle Mental Health Issues

The mental health it is an emotional balance that must exist between people and their context; this is reflected in how he thinks, acts and lives, as he reacts to stress, copes with difficulties or socializes and interacts with others, to name a few.

East emotional, psychological and social well-being it is determined by psychological but also environmental and social factors. We are our experiences and experiences, Therefore, we are talking about the people we live with, the childhood we experience, the place where we studied or worked, family, friends, and even the community where we grew up.

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The cinema has covered this topic from different nuances in several films, with varied stories that approach from different angles, but with important reflections, although sometimes difficult to absorb for those who have experienced them in person. ANDThese are some Netflix tapes that talk about these issues.

Knock Knock

Spanish film based on a play that in a comedy format focuses on different patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, commonly known as OCD. They meet in the waiting room of their psychologist’s office and thus, in the coexistence and conversation, talking about their manias, impulses and obsessions, They find how to help each other.

To the bone

The story is honest but for that very reason it is suddenly realistic and crude, since it focuses on the eating disorders, anorexia or bulimia mainly in this case. It tells of a young woman who enters a rehabilitation clinic, whose philosophy is to help patients find their way, that is, the reason for their reality.

Silver Linings Playbook

It recounts the lives of two people with Bipolar disorder and talk about how this impacts their personal relationships, not only as a couple or family, but also social and even work relationships. It begins precisely when a man loses his job and his relationship with his wife breaks down; After spending months in a mental institution, he returns to live with his parents, a readaptation that will bring a rocky path in his life.

All the bright places

Story about the difficulty of move on in the face of grief and mental illness, focuses on the relationship between a boy suffering from symptoms similar to bipolar disorder, and a young woman suffering from post-traumatic stress and depression. Perhaps the story does not delve into mental health, but it does tell us about what it is to live with this reality and the importance of talking about it openly.

The Edge of Seventeen

It makes an accurate representation of the teen angst in a stage of life in which many insecurities that can lead to chronic anxiety and depression, here taking as a center a young woman who at 17 goes into crisis due to a problem of esteem, which becomes more confusing when her brother and her best friend become boyfriends.

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Netflix: Movies That Tackle Mental Health Issues