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Learn about the news that Netflix brought to its subscribers in the last days of the year. Series and movies of various genres that you can enjoy.

Every weekend Netflix renews its catalog and adds new series and movies of all kinds of genres and origins to allow its subscribers to be entertained through one of the streaming platforms most popular in the world.

This week, the last of the year 2021, did not go unnoticed. Here we review some of the premieres that you cannot miss before welcoming the new year:

Don’t look up

With a stellar cast, ‘Don’t Look Up’ is one of the movies most anticipated of the year on the platform. The story centers on the enigma of how to make people care when a comet hits the Earth. Two astronomers grapple with politicians, the media, and the memes to get it.

Netflix presented the official trailer for ‘Rebelde’, which will premiere in January 2022

The film was directed by Adam McKay and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, among others.

Sea of ​​Tranquility

This Korean series with eight chapters in its first season already is available on Netflix. “A scientist joins a mission to recover samples from a lunar station, the scene of an accident that killed everyone, including her sister,” indicates the synopsis of the series that was released on Dec. 24.

How was Netflix, the world’s largest streaming platform, born?

Mother there are only two

The second season of this fun Mexican series is now available on Netflix. “Two absolutely different women They discover that their babies were accidentally switched at birth, ”says the synopsis. The first season was a success, what can you expect for the second?

Netflix assures that “The Squid Game” is the most watched premiere in its history

A thousand kilometers from Christmas

This Spanish film from 2021 is ideal for see her in post-parties Christmas. The story revolves around an auditor who hates Christmas and comes to work in a small town. There he meets a woman determined to change her mind about the parties that drive everyone crazy.

Netflix releases mobile games for its subscribers

The comedy It was directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero and stars Tamar Novas, Andrea Ros, Peter Vives, Fermí Reixach and Verónica Forqué and more. (I)

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Netflix: Movies and series to enjoy in the last week of 2021 | Cinema | Entertainment