Netflix Mexico ranking: 10 most watched series and movies in the first half of January

Netflix se ha consolidated as the streaming platform that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform usually works to achieve the best productions.

It is worth mentioning that the stakes of this platform have increased since the crisis arrived. sanitary, which caused an extensive confinement of people in their homes, with which content consumption has increased considerably.

Productions on Netflix

The projects on the famous streaming platform range from movies, series, short films and documentaries; these are not only American content, also from several parts of the world, from the most recent productions to the classics.

The streaming giant with the red logo does what it takes to buy the right of certain films that he considers essential within his Catalogue.

The 10 productions that lead the ranking on Netflix Mexico

For this reason, we have created the selection of the 10 movies and 10 series that some of them recently premiered on the streaming platform, Netflix, and that, in turn, managed to position themselves within the Top 10 of the most viewed in Mexico.

“El páramo”, follows a story about a family that they lead a fairly quiet life, since they live practically away from all of society; is set in 19th century Spain, and stars a mother and son, Inma Cuesta and Asier Flores, however, everything will start to get more complicated after discover that they are not alone.

Everything changes one night after Salvador visits them, who tells them a horror legend, which consists of a creature with a sunken face, who constantly is looking for weak people.

According to the trailer for Rebelde, the students of the college Elite Way School are enlisting the minors for the battle of the bands, being the first income the ones who put the most effort into it since they want become in the first new entrants to win the prestigious contest.

One of the surprises is that Wound bears the surname Colucci because it would be directly linked to Mía Colucci, protagonist of the original telenovela. Another character that generated interest is Dixon, originally from Colombia, who proposes to dance the country’s music in the contest.

At the same time, it was confirmed presence by Estefanía Villarreal, who played Celina in the original story. Now she returns to play the school principal, something that excited the audience. followers from the original story.

  • “The Knot Killer”

It is a film that has also managed to position itself among the more views andon the streaming platform during the second week of January 2022; we mean the tape “The Knot Killer”, or with its original title “The Clovehitch Killer”, which will be ideal to see today with your loved ones, or the weekend.

“The Knot Killer” follows a history within the thriller and suspense genre, which was made in the United States in 2018, but is now hosted on Netflix; It was directed by Duncan Skiles.

This production is created for those people who have a great taste for mystery stories, investigations and serial killers, which also contains a message about the distrust between families and loved ones.

This is the tapeNymphomania”, which is within the drama genre and was written and directed by Lars von Trier; This production is divided into two volumes, and starring por Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Udo Kier, Willem Dafoe y Connie Nielsen.

The film production hosted on the streaming platform, premiered on December 25, 2013 in Denmark and managed to raise more than 10 million dollars.

“Nymphomania” in its first part, follows the story of Joe, who is violently beaten in an alley, where later a man named Seligman, played by Stellan Skargard, he takes her to his apartment to heal her wounds but above all to listen to her life story and her relationship with sex and sexuality throughout his life.

The series, which develop More than thirty years after the first film in the Karate Kid saga (1984), it has become one of the favorites of Netflix users since its launch. premiere in 2018.

Within the Top 10 of the most watched series, is “Cobra Kai”, which recently premiered its fourth season, the great addition to the series this season is the return of Terry Silver, the iconic villain of the tail of horse appearing in Karate Kid III (1989), played by Thomas Ian Griffith. Said character serves as the second sensei of Cobra Kai along with John Kreese.

another one of the points important that the series deals with is the relationship between Johnny Lawrence and his son Robby Keene, who was convinced by the words of John Kreese and once again will be on your side.

It is the new version of the telenovela that was released in 1994, it premiered on December 29 and now it is the heartthrob William Levy who has the male lead, they also appear Laura Londono and Carmen Villalobos. There’s nothing new under the sun, it’s the same Women’s Scented Coffee that moms saw in the mid-90s, only now a 2021 version.

This film follows the story of Jack, a British musician who throughout his life has struggled to succeed as a singer-songwriter and who after a global blackout realizes that he is the only one who knows the Beatles music.

After you check that the music of The Beatles exists only in his mind, the young man who has not had much luck in his career as a musician will begin to play the legendary songs of the Liverpool quartet to an audience that has never heard them.

So, with the help of his evil American representative Debra and her charming Rocky’s touring buddy, Jack becomes an overnight superstar; however, stealing the music of The Beatles will turn out not to be a very good idea when Jack He must decide whether or not to return to the reality he belongs to and be honest around beautiful melodies like “Yesterday”.

The film follows the story of Grace (played as Alyssa Milano) who travels to Washington DC because her sister, Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup), is abruptly killed after she Grace He was trying to help her regain custody of her son.

In the middle of the chaos in the death of her sister, the writer meets Ed (Sam Page), an expert murder detective. They go out on a date and, when Grace returns to her sister’s house, suspense is unleashed in Impudica.

That, because he finds his sister dead in her room and from that moment begins an investigation by Ed to find the murderer.

However, the sinister story will begin to turn sensual when the great secret of Kathleen Miller is discovered, who was a high school teacher by day, but at night she acted as dominatrix for a sexual performance website, where the search is now concentrated since the subscribers to the adult site are now the main suspects of the crime.

No doubt the soap opera colombian with more success in Mexico, this production of RCN Television and written by Fernando Gaitán saw the light in the already distant 1999. It is carried out by Anna Maria Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello and several adaptations have been made both in Mexico with La Fea Más Bella, and in the United States with Ugly Betty.

This tape has called the attention because it is directed by Mattson Tomlin, screenwriter of the next “Batman”, who has his directorial debut in the tape “Mother / Android”.

The plot of this film follows Georgia (played by Moretz), and she is a young woman who try escape from her country with her boyfriend, a role played by Algee Smithm, who are looking for a way to survive and save the life of the baby they are expecting.

His escape away from the city occurs while the humans start a war against a powerful against artificial intelligence, so in the midst of the fight, the partner he goes deep into the forest in a race against the clock to get out of the battlefield and give a decent life to the baby they are expecting; however, everything will get complicated before they manage to fulfill their task.


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Netflix Mexico ranking: 10 most watched series and movies in the first half of January