Netflix has this raw movie that will make you ponder your darkest secrets; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico today

Netflix se ha consolidated as the streaming platform that currently produces the most original content, and in this sense, the platform usually works to to get the best productions, this especially since the health crisis arrived, which caused the prolonged confinement of people in their homes, with which content consumption has increased considerably.

His projects range from movies, series, short films and documentaries; These are not only American content, also from various parts of the world, from the most recent even the classics.

What you find on Netflix

Under this panorama of confinement For users, Netflix has established itself for several years as one of the platforms with the highest demand globally, thanks to its commitment to the best productions and the most outstanding stories, regardless of the genre of the film.

This is one of the films in the Top 10 of the most viewed. Photo: Special

In this sense, the platform Achievement Red has spent time probing what content their users are looking for, which is why they have created content for all kinds of public, so here they are productions of various genres and one of the favorites is drama.

That is why a continuation We present you the recommendation of a movie that has crept into the list of the 10 most viewed productions on Netflix, and it is a date full of murders and mystery combined with a quirky sense of humor, and it’s about the movie “Who Killed W”.

What “Who Killed W” is about

It is a film Polish woman who has conquered on the Netflix platform despite being one of the most recent productions added to their playlists, as it reached the platform streaming on October 19.

Since then, this production directed by Piotr Mularuk has established itself as one of the more views and currently occupies ranked number six within the 10 movies most reproduced in Mexico.

According to review specialized, this is an eccentric production that combines diverse emotions, including drama and suspense, at the same time as its narrative It is full of light comedy touches that will make the viewer have a good time while delving into a little story common.

“Who Killed W” follows the story of a woman who is extremely fascinated with everything that has to do with criminal stories, from books to films.

And it is precisely guided for her interests that the housewife who is a faithful follower of police stories will soon be immersed in a story full of real dangers, which even They could be worse than the ones you’ve ever known within your fantasy world and crime.


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Netflix: This is the MOST VIEWED movie in Mexico Today; it will make you reflect on injustice

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Netflix has this raw movie that will make you ponder your darkest secrets; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico today