Netflix has the BEST movie to reflect on your safety in public places; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico today

More than a year has passed since arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in addition to the health crisis, the virus that developed in Wuhan, China generated a crisis around the demand for entertainment, which is why streaming platforms have established themselves as the favorite of Mexicans to get out of home isolation and boredom.

In this sense, social networks serve as a space where users usually ask for recommendations of films, series and documentaries, this with the aim of locating the best productions.

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Under this panorama, Netflix has established itself as a leading platform when it comes to getting content for all ages, so it usually inquires into the tastes of its users with the aim of meeting expectations.

What you can watch on Netflix

It should be remembered that in addition to its own productions, it offers its clients various options to see successful series that have also succeeded. screens from all over the world, so shortly after its premiere, Netflix look for a way to acquire them.

It is precisely for this reason that the streaming company has established itself as one of the companies that invests the most by to get content on demand, so you usually do selection of productions for all ages.

This tape is in the top 10 of the most viewed. Photo: Special

The most watched action movie in Mexico today

According to the critics specialized, this is one of the films that will take the viewer to the edge of various emotions, such as adrenaline, this because its plot is full of ups and downs between drama, action, and even a brush with violence.

It is about the movie “Attack in the stadium”, which has been positioned as the Monday Most viewed film within the Top 10 of the most played tapes within Netflix in Mexico.

The movie that is directed by Scott Mann, was consolidated as one of the films that addresses problems that have arisen in real life, and also mixes situations of adrenalin that can be aroused in real contexts, the truth is that this film has stood out because it also contains an important message that invites assess to the family.

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This film follows the story of Arkadi, a former Russian military leader, who believes that his brother traitor Dimitri is somewhere in a stadium, so Arkady plans the kidnapping of said stadium during the European soccer semifinal.

It is under this chaotic panorama that involves thousands of fans who are in the stadium, that Arkadi will look for his brother without caring about the lives of the 35,000 people who are find inside the football enclosure.

And even though his strategy of hijacking the stadium is well planned and has the support Enough, the truth is that Arkady does not count on a war veteran named Mike Knox in the crowd, who will do everything possible to attempt prevent the attack on the stadium, this because it is a ex-military who is willing to do anything to save his niece, who is also present watching the match football without imagining what awaits them.

Here is the trailer for this production full of adrenaline and strong emotions:


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Netflix has the BEST movie to reflect on your safety in public places; It is the MOST VIEWED in Mexico today