Netflix has the best disturbing movie that will make you reflect on your limits; it cost 22 MILLION dollars

The search of original content to entertain inside the home has become one of the priorities for many people since the arrival of the crisis sanitary in Mexico.

In this sense, Mexicans subscribed to this platform are increasingly looking for content such as series and movies to entertain themselves without leaving home.

Precisely to the high demand of users who browse looking for productions to see with their beings dear ones, new options have emerged that offer entertainment and even have a better subscription price.

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But despite the competition, platforms like Netflix has remained one of the favorites by users looking for entertainment without leaving home.

Netflix’s proposals focused on real life

Netflix continues on the list of the most viewed platforms in Mexico, as it is worth remembering that the company emerged since 1997, although offered just a DVD rental service through the postal mail, and it was until 2008 that it began to offer streaming services.

It should be remembered that in addition to its own productions, the giant with the red logo offers its customers various options for watching hit movies that have triumphed also on screens around the world, so that shortly after its premiere, the American company is looking for a way to acquire them.

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It is precisely under this scenario that the giant with the red logo that was born to supplant companies such as BlockBuster, has now stood out for making great bets, not only in selectivity of stories, but also in regard to millionaire investments.

This is one of the film noir tapes on the platform. Photo: Special

A millionaire quality tape

This is a film that was invested for its realization 22 million dollars, it is “The Gentlemen” or by its title in Spanish “The lords of the mob”

This film follows the story of Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), a prominent American expatriate and businessman who has succeeded in London thanks to the traffic of drugs.

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Now you want to sell your profitable empire of marijuana valued in billions, but they will not make it easy for them, as this will unleash all kinds of conspiracies, intrigues, bribes and blackmail, in which they will be seen involved Russian organizations or the Chinese mafia.

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