Netflix has the best apocalyptic movie with Nicolas Cage; raised $ 183 million

The films apocalyptic have been one of the ways in which Hollywood has managed to raise more money through the cinema; however, as with horror films, many fall into the same clichés. Few of them come out of the mold and try to show something new. This is what happens with “Omen“, which is found in Netflix.

This production starring Nicolas Cage With a budget of 50 million dollars, it managed to raise more than three times what it cost, which at the international box office and sales took at least 183 million 593 thousand 586 dollars at the international box office.

This installment was the most popular film of 2009 and only fell short of other modern classics such as “Watchmen“, “Do you want to be a millionaire?” (Slumdog Millionaire) y “Relentless search“(Taken), although it was above other productions like”Twilight” (Twilight), “The dark knight” (The Dark Knight) y “Monsters Vs Aliens”.

Despite the trend of criticism, this work led by the director was not favored. Alex Proyas, who was also in charge of delivering “El Cuervo” in 1994, offers some elements that are extremely interesting for viewers and which may be more current today.

The film was released in 2009. PHOTO: Special


Original title: “Knowing”.

Duration: 121 minutes.

Country: United States / United Kingdom.

Director: Alex Proyas.

Available in Spanish, Portuguese, English.

Budget 50 million dollars.

Collection 183 million 593 thousand 586 dollars.

Distribution: Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, Lara Robinson, Nadia Townsend, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Hopgood, Adrienne Pickering.

What is this Netflix movie about?

Omen“starts with Lucinda, a little girl who begins to frantically write several numbers on a sheet of paper. This practice is frowned upon by the little girl’s classmates, who often tease her frequently.

The page written by the girl is placed together with several letters from the other minors in a capsule of the weather that will be unearthed 50 years in the future so that the students of then can know the way in which their predecessors imagined the future.

In the present in which this story takes place, Caleb interpreted by Chandler Canterbury He is one of those chosen to read Lucinda’s letter; however, he does not understand the intention of putting these digits on the page.

John Koestler (Nicolas Cage), who is a professor of astrophysics and father of Caleb, discovers that the numbers on the sheets correspond to various cataclysms, accidents, attacks and misfortunes that humanity has faced during the last five decades.

Although at first he doubts this evidence, little by little he learns that these events are related to reality. The problem with this is that the figures are finalized at an early date.

Why watch it?

Although it is not the best film what’s in the platform, the approach of the story is interesting, because it calls into question how the end of the world would take place in a casual way and without the possibility of facing it.

Besides this, there is a history high school in which beings with supernatural qualities are shown who stalk the protagonists with undefined intentions.

The suspended, the use of science, production, as well as the outcome are aspects to take into account in this production, which although it is not worthy of a Oscar, entertains and fulfills for the public that expects to see a light film, but with a meaning deep.

The quote speaks of an imminent destruction of humanity.

The Bad About the Tape (SPOILER ALERT)

If you haven’t seen the film, we recommend you look at it and come back later. The most expert in cinema or spectators picky eaters will find that there are at least two screenplay serious that prevent this tape from being a more endearing delivery.

The first of these is that aliens they say at the end they are making their message known to the chosen ones; However, knowing on what specific date the world would end, it makes no sense for them to contact Lucinda, since she will not live for the journey.

There is no reason why aliens inform about the catastrophes that will occur, since they cannot be prevented, nor are they of any use to the people who selected to go with them on the ship, so this situation could be considered a waste of time to narrate other things.