Netflix has one of the best Christopher Nolan thrillers, which you didn’t know about

Christopher Nolan has shown that he is one of the best directors in the film industry and although his work is most remembered for his work on the trilogy of Batman, starring Christian Bale, the British filmmaker has among his works a cult film, which is suspenseful and enigmatic, and that you can enjoy in the catalog of Netflix.

Considered as its second feature film, Amnesia (Memento) premiered on September 5 at the Venice Film Festival 2000, where he received a standing ovation; however, it reached mainstream theaters until March 2001 and conquered lovers of the seventh art.

What is Amnesia about?

The memory of Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce), a former investigator for an insurance agency, is irreversibly damaged by a blow to the head while trying to prevent the murder of his wife: this is the last event he remembers from the past.

Recent memory has lost her: everyday events disappear from her mind in just a few minutes. Thus, to investigate and try to avenge the murder of his wife, he has to resort to the help of an instant camera and the notes tattooed on his body.

However, while Leonard investigates, he will meet some people who will give him clues about his wife’s murderer, although they will get him in trouble, so he will come to suspect that they may be using him because of his condition.

The film stands out for its original narrative form, since instead of being linear Nolan He did it in an unconventional way, while giving the viewer some clues to decipher what really happens with the character of Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce), but in the end there is an unexpected twist of the screw.

The lead role was originally intended to Brad Pitt, who ended up turning down the offer because he had problems with his schedule. They were also considered Aaron Eckhart and Thomas Jane, but the director broadened his search to lesser-known actors, but who impacted him with their work and that’s how Guy Pierce he made himself of the role.

Although it had a very low budget of only $ 9 million, grossed more than 40 million dollars, It also earned him two nominations for Oscar in the categories of Better Screenplay Original and Better Mounting.

Film specialized sites such as Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 93 percent freshness rating, while Metacritic it was awarded 80 percent, on a rating of 100.

So if you did not know what kind of movie to watch, we recommend that you enjoy Amnesia (Memento), which is available at Netflix and that, for all the reasons that we already offer you, from its conception it was already a cult film of the director Christopher Nolan.

Article: Soure