Netflix has a secret catalog and here we tell you how to enter

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world. Its application is easy to use and the developers have made sure that the program identifies the tastes of the users to present only what they might like.

But what happens when one day you have a different mood and you want to see something different and you only find more of the same? Do not worry! There is a way to get to the whole catalog that the service is not going to show you since it is not “your preference”.

How to access the entire Netflix catalog?

Access all the Netflix catalog It is very simple, you only have to follow two steps:

1. Copy and paste the following link in the search engine of your computer, tablet or cell phone:

2. After the last slash (/), write the numbers of the genre you want to visit, which we present below.

-Action and adventure (aliens, robots, catastrophes, wars, cars at full speed): 1365

-Classic action and adventure (Back to the Future, Indiana Jones): 46576

-Action comedies (Thunder Force, Mall Hero, Kung Fu Panda): 43040

-Action thrillers (Death Race, Zombie Station): 43048

The death Race

Photo: Moonlighting Films

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-Adventures (fantastic animals, mummies and forces of nature): 7442

-Comics and superheroes (Spider-Man, Batman, Suicide Squad): 10118

-Military action and adventures (stories about soldiers and heroes): 2125

-Wésterns: 7700

-Action and spy adventures (Mission impossible, protecting the enemy): 10702

Protecting the enemy

Photo: Universal Pictures

-Action and adventures on crimes (murders, wars, robberies): 9584

-Martial arts movies (Operation Hunt, Withering Strike): 8985

-Animes: 7424

-Children and family members: 783

-Classics (Women’s Perfume, Scarface, Forrest Gump): 31574

Women perfume

Photo: Universal Pictures

-Comedies (romantic, family, for adults): 6548

-Documentaries (to inspire, scare, sadden or amuse): 6839

-Dramas: 5763

-Terror (The witch, be careful what you wish for): 8711

Be careful what you wish for

Photo: PlanetAudio

-Independent cinema (films from all over the world): 7077

-Science fiction (aliens, robots, superheroes): 1492

-Sports (baseball drama, soccer documentary, basketball comedy): 4370

-Thrillers: 8933

-Series overall: 83

This way you can have access to the Netflix “secret” catalog and choose what you want to see.

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