Netflix has a problem: all these own productions are an audience failure

Blonde It was destined to be one of the great bombings of Netflix. An own production on the legendary Marilyn Monroe. It had absolutely everything to succeed and position itself as the number one streaming platform. However, it has been a resounding failure. Not for specialized critics, but for the average subscriber.

The biopic about the American actress, starring Anne of Armsgenerated a lot of expectation before its premiere, caused great controversy after its arrival on Netflix and they don’t even talk about her anymore. And that premiered on September 26, 2022.

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One of the big problems with the film, which is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, is that it shows a version of Monroe that hardly anyone wants to see. Director Andrew Dominik bypasses Norma Jean and focuses on other aspects of her life, but always with a fictional story as a reference. And the audience has turned its back on her: a good part of the spectators brand her as misogynist, cruel, superficial and boring.

It is true that Blonde It was at the top of the Netflix ranking in the first week of its premiere, from September 26 to October 2. But with 37.34 million hours played worldwide, figures far removed from what can be considered as success. And more so taking into account the great expectation surrounding the film and its triumph at the Venice Film Festival.

For example, movies without as much prior publicity as The luckiest girl in the worldwhich has managed to exceed 43 million hours, and Mr. Harrigan’s phonewhich has approached 35.5 million hours, have left a better taste in the mouths of subscribers.

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If it didn’t work the first week, you can’t expect it to work the second. Blonde It has been the fourth most watched production on Netflix from October 3 to October 9 with 17.4 hours of playback.

What else is not working on Netflix?

putting aside DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storywhich has been an oxygen ball for the red N platform with 205,330 million hours played from October 3 to October 9 after three weeks in the TOP10, there is little to scratch.

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As reported by Xataka, the midnight club It has been another of the premieres that has not convinced the public. This horror series got 18,790 million hours watched, much less than some similar series that Netflix did not take too long to cut off the head as file 81 either the first death. Other recent failures are space forcestarring Steve Carrell and already cancelled, or Russian Doll.

Netflix is ​​at a critical moment, almost desperate. It has been losing subscribers for months, raising prices and introducing advertising to try to minimize economic losses. The best remedy, of course, would be to make productions that hook the public like stranger things, cobra kai either The Bridgertons.

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Netflix has a problem: all these own productions are an audience failure