Netflix exclusively premiered this action movie with Liam Neeson and you need to see it

Since in 2008 he starred in the first installment of Relentless search (Taken), Liam Neeson He has confessed that he has received dozens of action movie scripts, of which he chooses two to work on throughout the year, one of those films that he agreed to make and premiered in early 2021 in cinemas and is now available in the Platform of Netflix.

Under the direction and script of the acclaimed Robert Lorenz, who has worked in various films with Clint Eastwood, searched in The protector (The Marksman) get what he does best Liam Neeson: unleashing piecework in search of justice. The story centers on a problem between the borders between Mexico and the United States, where organized crime reigns.

What is it about?

Vietnam War Veteran Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson), a widower and drunk, lives near the border between Arizona and Mexico, a place that he takes the opportunity to constantly denounce the attempts of illegal crossings by migrants.

A day like any other, while making his journey, he meets Rosa and her son Miguel, who are fleeing a Mexican cartel. Seeing the situation, Hanson gets involved in a shootout, in which the woman is wounded, while the ex-military man manages to kill one of the criminals.

With her last words, Rosa asks Jim to take her son Miguel with their family in Chicago. So the veteran will have to take care of the child while they are persecuted by the members of the Mexican cartel, which will lead Hanson to change his lifestyle and even lose everything he appreciates and has left in life.

Although The protector (The Marksman) was scheduled to reach more cinemas, the strategy had to be changed due to the pandemic of Covid-19, which forced certain complexes to be closed for security reasons.

Although it was expected that the film starring Liam Neeson was a box office success, the pandemic affected the premiere and only managed to raise $ 22.7 million box office.

For their part, film critics gave mixed opinions to the film, since despite highlighting the performance of Neeson, who convinces with his role, they considered that the story had some setbacks that affected its narrative.

If you are a fan of action movies and have seen the films of Liam Neeson, then you should not miss this premiere that has just arrived in the catalog of Netflix.

Article: Soure