Netflix: Do you feel like crying? You must see THIS movie that is the most watched in Mexico TODAY | TRAILER

Over the past few weeks, people have been searching for more content from streaming to enjoy with your loved ones; In addition, the platform usually brings its wide Catalogue diverse content, and of all genres, in order to satisfy its users of all ages and film tastes.

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This is how little by little, miscellaneous audiovisual productions have joined the platform and have also positioned themselves as the favorites of the users of said platform, which is increasingly adding up more content and users.

What you should watch on Netflix

However, films They are not the center of the platform, since documentaries, series, short films and all kinds of productions critically acclaimed.

For this reason, we have prepared the recommendation of a movie that is hosted within the red logo platform, Netflix, where various contents are constantly uploaded corresponding to various genders Of whom.

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It is under this panorama that Netflix daily updates the list of its Top 10 on the platform, where I show the daily successes in our country, and this time the list has been filtered film “My brother, my sister”, an ideal tape to see this Wednesday.

What is “My brother, my sister” about

According to the critics specialized, this is one of the films that combines drama and emotion in a balanced way, which is why it has established itself as one of the most views inside the Netflix catalog.

This is how the film “My brother, my sister”, is positioned this October 13 in the number seven of the top 10 of the most watched films in the giant of streaming.

This is one of the most viewed moving tapes on Netflix. Photo: Special

The movie “My brother, my sister” follows the history of two brothers who took different paths in life and who despite having a close bond in their childhood, currently do not see each other and their distance it has lasted for more than two decades.

This is how the protagonists, Nick, played by Alessandro Preziosi, and Tesla, played by Claudia Pandolfi, eventually if will have to approach at the time they least expect them.

Don’t miss out – Netflix: These are the most sought after series on the platform. HAVE YOU ALREADY SEEN THEM?

This because both brothers They are forced to share their family’s house for a year, this after, before dying, their father established in his will that so that his children could receive the inheritance and be creditors to all their material assets, they should live together for a year.

It is under this premise that the film is developed “My brother, my sister”, where we will see that the bohemian brother and the rigid sister together with their two children will have to put aside their great differences to unite for first once in a real way in his adult life.

It will be this shape that consanguineous people will discover that they can deal with the ghosts of their past and thus heal the wounds of their present and return to being a family.

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