Netflix and the 3 best movies to watch this weekend

We have officially started the weekend and that is why we will let you know the 3 best films to see in Netflix during these 3 days of rest for many, who took a great break from their duties.

And the truth is that many users have questioned what to see during the weekend, so we share 3 recommendations that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Well, as you can see, the famous Netflix streaming platform updates its catalog with new movies.

constantly the platform incorporates new projects so that your subscribers never run out of things to see.

Some prefer to watch series, documentaries or soap operas, however, other users prefer to enjoy a good movie.

So without further ado, here is the list of movies to watch on Netflix this weekend:


the indomitable shrew

Italy, 16th century. Petrucchio is a poor and obstinate gentleman from Verona who travels to Padua in search of a rich wife.

There he meets the temperamental and intractable Catalina, who imposes all kinds of conditions on him to marry him.



Dzika left the gang after the death of his brother Daro in a rival war with his rival party.

Now he works for the police with the neurotic police officer Bauer. David meets Dzika and Bauer, who want to arrest David’s brother, Kaszubian, by joining the “Furioza.”



During a congress held on a small island in the Mexican Caribbean, three men and a woman, four dentists with related pasts, spend a crazy weekend that will irremediably change their lives.

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Netflix and the 3 best movies to watch this weekend