Netflix and its premieres for this Thursday, September 15

Today we will introduce you to the six premieres unmissable inside the famous platform of Netflixso continue reading so you don’t miss any news within the Catalogue.

New series, documentaries and movies arrive on the red logo platform, the platform of streaming best known in the world today.

That’s right, today, several series and movie premieres arrive on the most famous streaming platform in the world, Netflix, so you can now access all of them and choose which Serie want to start watching, or if you prefer to watch a movie to take the stress out of the workday.

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If you are one of those who enjoys watching the premieres quickly, you will surely want to see these, because without a doubt they threw the house out the window.

And well, without further ado, here is the list of premieres within the famous Netflix platform:


The King, Vicente Fernandez

It is a Mexican dramatic series of 36 episodes, directed by Fernando Urdapilleta, Conrado Martínez and Andrés Lizarazo.

The plot tells the story of Vicente Fernández, from his humble beginnings to the peak of stardom.

The whirlwind of the life and career of the Mexican music icon over seven decades. Starring Jaime Camil.


The invisible man

If you didn’t have a chance to see this film in theaters, starting today it’s on the Netflix streaming platform.

It is a film starring Elisabeth Moss, written and directed by Leight Whannell.

The plot follows the life of a woman who, after escaping from an abusive and controlling relationship with a tech genius, becomes a victim of harassment by an invisible entity.


Broad Peak

It is an adventure and drama film, directed by Leszek Dawid. The film is based on the events experienced by Maciej Berbeka, the legendary Polish mountaineer —member of the group known as the Ice Warriors—, who wanted to reach the top of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.


Missing in Lorenskog

It is a five-episode dramatic miniseries that revolves around the disappearance of Anne‑Elisabeth Hagen in 2018, which shocked an entire nation.

This fictional series revolves around the investigators, journalists and lawyers who, after the kidnapping, were caught up in a whirlwind of theories, speculation and rumours.

As the mystery continues unsolved, the characters will discover just how far they can go to find an answer.


Learning to live

It is a youth and dramatic series that revolves around the boys of a high school.

Throughout eight episodes, an incendiary mural exposes the secret romances of Hartley High School students, its author, Amerie, will have to deal with the chaotic consequences.

With the performances of Ayesha Madon and James Majoos.


The sins of our mother

It is an interesting three-episode documentary miniseries, centered on Lori Vallow, a woman who, to her friends and family, was a devoted mother of three children, a selfless and God-fearing wife.

However, in the last three years, something very strange has happened: Lori is now in prison, awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder in connection with the loss of her fourth husband, the wife of her fifth husband and her two youngest children.

The question is simple, but incisive: how did a seemingly normal woman become America’s most infamous mother?

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Netflix and its premieres for this Thursday, September 15