Netflix and its premieres for this Friday, November 12

After a long wait, the movie of “Red alert”Finally opens on the famous platform of Netflix This Friday, November 12, and for nothing in the world can you miss it, since it promises a lot and also has some first-rate actors.

Apparently Netflix wears red and celebrates the premiere of “Red Alert”, one of his most anticipated films and with the highest budget.

Notably, the action movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot.

That’s right, three Hollywood stars reunite in Netflix’s most expensive film yet: Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.

The premise of the story is actually a bit of food, as the three of them embark on a journey through various parts of the world in search of the original Cleopatra eggs.

The fast-paced and fun plot of Red Notice (Red Notice) has three cunning characters to recover the supposed relics of ancient Egypt, which look more like Easter eggs decorated with gold and precious stones.

Johnson plays John Hartley, an FBI profiler who receives a red alert – the highest warrant reserved for the world’s most wanted criminals – for which he must hunt down two expert art thieves: Nolan Booth (Reynolds) and The Bishop (Gadot).

When the agent is about to prevent a new robbery, the authorities mistake him for another rogue and imprison him in Russia, from where he can only escape with the help of the character played by Reynolds. Unfortunately for him, they cannot stand each other.

The new Netflix production, which is available from today on the platform of streaming and boasts a $ 160 million bill and has reunited Reynolds with Johnson and Gadot, whom he had known for more than ten years.

We have been in contact all this time. Everything you see on the screen reflects how we are with each other, “he said in an interview.

It should be noted that Gadot had shared with Reynolds in The Criminal, and in some installments of the Fast and Furious saga he did the same with Johnson.

It was hard work with both of them. It’s that working with this pair of divas (laughs). But if you have to, you do it. I can’t complain, ”jokes Gadot in a chat.

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They’re great, funny guys, very generous setmates. I had worked with them in the past and we are close friends. So for me, having the opportunity to perform with them again felt very good, familiar and comfortable. And I really hope to share with them again ”.

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Netflix and its premieres for this Friday, November 12